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Found 127 results

  1. Hi All, I've written some Javascript that will dynamically add "file" inputs to a form. They show up on the page just fine when the add control is clicked. But, when I submit the form, those dynamically added form fields are absent from the form structure on the receiving page. They're also absent from the form structure passed to the validation function. The added fields are added to a table within the form tags. The JS code adds table rows (TR). Then, cells are added to that row. Then, the file inputs to the cells. All this is done using DOM methods like appendChild(), createElement(), createTextNode(), etc. Is there some extra step needed to make sure the added fields are made part of the form?
  2. Ok, so I have 2 questions for the community.1. Is there a way to create a HTML form that will send an email to the MAILTO: recipient, but have the browser NOT auto-open the email app? I mean, after I hit submit, I would rather see a confirmation page that the email was sent rather than have an email app open. Any way to do that without using a third party form?2. Along a similar line with HTML forms, I wanted to know if I could make a form with different options (a dropdown box.) But I wanted to see if there was a way to email a different email address based on the option chosen? I'm sure it might require some Javascript (maybe) but I'm not sure.Thanks for any responses.
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