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Found 928 results

  1. Hello, I have a variable ($post) that contains posted content from database. Now I want to select the first paragraph and insert a code after it (Ads precisely ). Here is my code <?php include "../modules/gfuncs.php"; $topicId=(int)$_GET['id']; #check if topic exists $q=$conn->query("SELECT * FROM topics WHERE id='$topicId'") or die( $conn->error ); if(mysqli_num_rows($q)==0){ header("location: $thisDomain/notfound"); exit; } #check for post $c4p=$conn->query("SELECT * FROM posts WHERE topicid=$topicId") or die($conn->error); if(mysqli_num_rows($c4p)==0){ $delpost=$conn->query("DELETE FROM topics WHERE id=$topicId") or die($conn->error); header("location:$thisDomain/notfound"); exit; } #new comment $notify=""; $err=""; if(isset($_POST['post']) and isLoggedIn()){ $msg=$_POST['msg']; $fid=(int)$_POST['fid']; $thisdate=time(); $error=array(); #if user uploads attachment if($_FILES['attach']['size']>0){ $thumb=$_FILES['attach']; $thumbtmp=$thumb['tmp_name']; $thumbname=$thumb['name']; $thumbsize=$thumb['size']; $targetDir="thumbs/$thumbname"; $ext=pathinfo($targetDir, PATHINFO_EXTENSION); $allowed=array("jpg","gif","png"); if(!in_array($ext, $allowed)){ $error[]="Invalid thumbnail format"; } elseif($thumbsize > 2097152){ $error[]="Thumbnail size exceeded limit"; } } if(!$msg or empty($msg)){ $error[]="Please enter a comment"; } elseif( strlen($msg)<3){ $error[]="Comment too short"; } if(count($error)==0){ $newAttachName=""; if($_FILES['attach']['size']>0){ $newAttachName=encrypt(time()*rand(), 15).".jpg"; @move_uploaded_file($thumbtmp, "thumbs/$newAttachName"); } $save=$conn->query("INSERT INTO posts SET topicid=$topicId, forumid=$fid, poster='$curUser', postdate=$thisdate, post='$msg', attachment='$newAttachName'") or die($conn->error); $notify='<div class="successHolder">Comment Successfully Added!</div>'; } else { $err=implode(",<br>", $error); $notify='<div class="errorHolder">'.$err.'</div>'; } } $load=mysqli_fetch_object($q); $forumid=$load->forumid; $subject=_read($load->subject); $subjext=$load->subject; $poster=$load->poster; $views=$load->views; #update views $newviews=$views+1; $updviews=$conn->query("UPDATE topics SET views=$newviews WHERE id=$topicId") or die($conn->error); $postdate=$load->postdate; $postdate=date("d, M Y.", $postdate); $lastposter=$load->lastposter; $lastpostdate=$load->lastpostdate; $locked=$load->locked; $attachment=$load->attachment; #load forum info $fq=$conn->query("SELECT * FROM forums WHERE forumid=$forumid") or die($conn->error); $ft=mysqli_fetch_object($fq); $forumName=$ft->forumname; $forumUrl="$thisDomain/forum/$forumid/".urlize($forumName); #count posts $postCount=$conn->query("SELECT * FROM posts WHERE topicid=$topicId") or die( $conn->error); $totalPosts=mysqli_num_rows($postCount); #pagination $limit=13; $pagination= new paging; $pagination->totalResults($totalPosts); $pagination->rows_per_page($limit); $page=@$_GET['page']; $pagination->page($page); $pagination->thisPage("$thisDomain/forum/$forumid/topic/$topicId/".urlize($subjext)); $paging=$pagination->paging(); $paging.="<span class=\"tp\">Page ".$pagination->currentPage()." of ".$pagination->totalPages()."</span>"; $anotif=""; $adminMenu=""; if($isAdmin){ if(isset($_POST['adminAct'])){ $time=time(); $act=$_POST['admin_act']; if($act=="tag_topic"){ $qt=$conn->query("SELECT * FROM updates WHERE media='topic' AND media_id='$topicId'") or die($conn->error); if(mysqli_num_rows($qt)==0){ $qaa=$conn->query("INSERT INTO updates SET media='topic', media_id=$topicId, updatetime=$time") or die($conn->error); $anotif='<div class="successHolder">Topic successfully tagged to homepage</div>'; } else { $anotif='<div class="errorHolder">Topic is already in updates</div>'; } } elseif($act="untag_topic"){ $qaa=$conn->query("DELETE FROM updates WHERE media='topic' AND media_id=$topicId") or die($conn->error); $anotif='<div class="successHolder">Topic successfully removed from updates</div>'; } elseif($act=="del_topic"){ $qaa=$conn->query("DELETE FROM topics WHERE id=$topicId") or die($conn->error); $delPost=$conn->query("DELETE FROM posts WHERE topicid=$topicId") or die($conn->error); $delFromUpdates=$conn->query("DELETE FROM updates WHERE media='topic' AND media_id=$topicId") or die($conn->error); header("location:$thisDomain/forum"); exit; } elseif($act=="edit_topic"){ header("location:$thisDomain/forum/topiceditor"); exit; } } $adminMenu="<div class=\"ContentX\"><form method=\"post\" action=\"\">"; #TAGGING: check if topic is tagged or not $qt=$conn->query("SELECT * FROM updates WHERE media='topic' AND media_id='$topicId'") or die($conn->error); if(mysqli_num_rows($qt)==0){ $adminMenu.=" <input type=\"radio\" name=\"admin_act\" value=\"tag_topic\"> Tag Topic"; } else { $adminMenu.=" <input type=\"radio\" name=\"admin_act\" value=\"untag_topic\"> Untag Topic"; } $adminMenu.=" <input type=\"radio\" name=\"admin_act\" value=\"del_topic\"> Delete Topic"; $adminMenu.=" <input type=\"radio\" name=\"admin_act\" value=\"edit_topic\"> Edit Topic <button type=\"submit\" name=\"adminAct\" class=\"w3-btn\">Submit</button></form></div>"; } #resend query to initiate paging $postQ=$conn->query("SELECT * FROM posts WHERE topicid=$topicId ORDER BY id ASC LIMIT $pagination->offset,$pagination->rows_per_page") or die($conn->error); #load all posts $contents=""; $postMenu=""; while($loadp=mysqli_fetch_object($postQ)){ $postid=$loadp->id; $poster=$loadp->poster; $postdate=$loadp->postdate; $postAttach=$loadp->attachment; $post=""; if($postAttach){ $post='[img]'.$thisDomain.'/forum/thumbs/'.$postAttach.'[/img]'; } $post.=$loadp->post; $post=_bbcode(_read($post)); #get user info $usr=new userinfo; $usr->user($poster); $posterDP=$usr->get_info("dp"); $posterCity=$usr->get_info("city"); $posterState=$usr->get_info("state"); $postdate=date("g:ia, jS M Y.", $postdate); if($isAdmin){ $postMenu="\n<br>[<a href=\"$thisDomain/forum/editpost/$postid\">Edit Post</a>] / [<a href=\"$thisDomain/forum/delpost/$postid\">Delete Post</a>]"; } $contents.=<<<eof <div class="aPost"> <table class="info"> <tr> <td width="75"> <img src="$thisDomain/user/dps/$posterDP" height="70" width="70" id="infoDP"> </td> <td> <a href="$thisDomain/profile/$poster"><span class="fa fa-user"></span> $poster</a>. $posterCity, $posterState<br> <span class="fa fa-pencil"></span> $postdate </tr> </table> <div class="msgBody"> $post </div>$postMenu </div> eof; } $pageTitle=$subject; include "../header.php"; ?>
  2. armandesigner

    Encoding PHP code

    Hello guys I need a software or a site that is free or cheap not like Zend guard and stuff it is about 600$ but I need something free or till 50$. I want to encode my PHP codes in a good way and it will be hard to encode it actually 99% of people should could't decode it. Thanks
  3. BACKGROUND: Ever since I realized that the $_SESSION superglobal was the future of my podcast page (two-three days ago) I have been diligently exploring the PHP SESSION extension. It is amazing what I discovered. In particular, I am impressed by the tenacity of a user created session and the associated $_SESSION superglobal. Indeed, using the session_write_close( ) function one can not only close a browser window, quit one's browser, open the same page in a new browser, but one can also reboot one's machine, and still, the values of the session variables contained in the $_SESSION superglobal associated with the user_created session are in tact. QUESTION: To where does the session_write_close( ) function write such that it is forever saved, and how does one purge that location short of destroying the entire file, if the location's contents are not unique to the session whose data it is storing?
  4. Hi, I'm new to PHP and WEB site construction. I have input data in a MySQL database and I want to produce some stickers with some data elements with a Dymo LabelWriter 450. Is it possible? and if it is, is there someone can tell me where I can find some program example to see how to proceed. Thanks in advance! Richard G.
  5. Carlos Ortiz

    Subir archivo en la misma página

    Estoy subiendo un archivo csv en una página llamada procesar, el problema es que me hace un POST y me envía a otra página y me muestra el resultado de ¡La importación del archivo se subió satisfactoriamente!, pero yo necesito que eso me lo muestre en la misma página. Éste es el código que tengo. <script type="text/javascript" > $(function(){ $("#btnEnviar").click(function(){ $("#cuerpoPagina").load('procesar.php',$("#frmAsignar").serialize()); }) }); function subirArchivoExcel() { if (document.frmSubirArchivo.excel.value == "") { alert("¡Error!. ¡Debe subir un archivo!"); document.frmSubirArchivo.excel.focus(); return false; } document.frmSubirArchivo.action="procesar.php"; document.frmSubirArchivo.submit(); } </script> <?php echo '<form name="frmSubirArchivo" action"procesar.php" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data"> <table border="1" id="TablaFormularioOpaco"> <tr> <td aling="center" id="TituloTablaVerde">Archivo excel</td> </tr> <tr> <td><input type="file" name="excel" /> </td> </tr> <tr> <td><input type="button" name="btnEnviar" id="btnEnviar" value="Subir Archivo" onclick="subirArchivoExcel();" ></td> </tr> </form>'; Ahora acá es el resto del código: include 'Conexion.php'; if (isset($_FILES['excel']) && !empty($_FILES['excel']) && substr($_FILES['excel']['name'],-3)=="csv") { $fecha = date('Y-m-d'); $hora = time("HH:MM:SS"); $carpeta = "Ejemplo"; $carpeta = ""; $excel = $fecha."-".$hora."-".$_FILES['excel']['name']; move_uploaded_file($_FILES['excel']['tmp_name'], "$carpeta$excel"); //echo "$carpeta$excel"; //print_r($_FILES); $contador = 0; $row = 1; $fp = fopen("$carpeta$excel", "r"); $meses = array( 'ENERO' => '01', 'FEBRERO' => '02', 'MARZO' => '03', 'ABRIL' => '04', 'MAYO' => '05', 'JUNIO' => '06', 'JULIO' => '07', 'AGOSTO' => '08', 'SEPTIEMBRE' => '09', 'OCTUBRE' => '10', 'NOVIEMBRE' => '11', 'DICIEMBRE' => '12'); //echo $dias; //fgetcsv. obtiene los valores que estan en el csv y los extrae while ($data = fgetcsv($fp, 1000, ";")) { //Si la línea es igual a 5 no guardamos porque serian los títulos de la hoja de excel if ($row >= 7) { //print_r("<pre>Row: ".$row); //print_r($data); //print_r("</pre>"); // TEXTO: jueves, 01 de junio de 2017 21:38 $laFecha = explode(",", $data[1]); if(count($laFecha) == 2) { $fecArchivo = explode(" ", $laFecha[1]); //print_r($fecArchivo); $anno = $fecArchivo[5]; $mes = $meses[strtoupper($fecArchivo[3])]; $dia = $fecArchivo[1]; $hora = $fecArchivo[6]; $fechaReal = $anno."-".$mes."-".$dia; //echo $fechaReal; //echo $contador." - "; $sql_guardar = 'INSERT INTO registros ( Dia, Hora, Tipo_Acceso, Puerta, Tipo, Tarjeta, Nombres, Apellidos, Documento, Empresa)'; $sql_guardar .= 'VALUES( "'.$fechaReal.'", "'.$hora.'", "'.$data[2].'", "'.$data[3].'", "'.$data[6].'", "'.$data[7].'", "'.$data[8].'", "'.$data[9].'", "'.$data[10].'", "'.$data[12].'")'; $contador++; //echo "7: ->".$data[7]."<- 10:->".$data[10]."<-"; if ($data[7] != '') { //echo $sql_guardar; //print_r("<pre>"); // print_r($sql_guardar); //print_r("</pre>"); mysql_query($sql_guardar) or die(mysql_error()); if (!$sql_guardar) { echo '<div>¡Hubo un problema al momento de importar el archivo! <br>¡Por favor vuelva a intentarlo!</div>'; exit; } } } } $row++; } fclose($fp); echo '<div>¡La importación del archivo se subió satisfactoriamente!</div>'; exit; } ?>
  6. iwato

    Unusual Code - A PHP Shortcut?

    <?=++$a?> <?=++$b?> <?=$private_id?> <?=session_id()?> I found this on the internet amongst some other code, and it appears to work. Unfortunately, I do not quite understand it. Is <?= a shorthand for <?php echo ... ;
  7. iwato

    Load Page with Filler Update

    THE TASK: Receive an HTTP query from an external source. Use the information from the query to obtain information from a data base Insert the information from the database into a filler page. Load the filler into the host page in such away that both appear simultaneously. DILEMMA: I can perform all of these tasks individually, but I am at a loss as to how to move from Step 3 to Step 4. DISCUSSION: I am accustomed to loading a filler into a page that is already opened. And, I am accustomed to loading a page with information queried from a database. Although I am pretty sure that I can call a page and load it with a filler whose content is determined by the HTTP query (Steps 1 and 4). What I have not done and feel awkward about is filling the filler page with information from the database query before displaying both the page and the filler together. QUESTION: Any suggestions? Roddy
  8. ClassicAsca

    Structuring the PHP site

    Hello there all, I want to learn"How can i structure groups within a website? (groups like i mean-- admin ,moderators, helpers,users, etc-etc) ? " in context of PHP ... this site has the groups like this as i said, please someone provide me some concepts and ideas how i can implement this ?
  9. iwato

    Missing XML Formatting

    BACKGROUND: I have recently created the content of an automatically generated podcast using a PHP Class that I found on a webpage found https://www.phpclasses.org/package/2957-PHP-Generate-RSS-2-0-feeds.html. Unfortunately, when I attempt to display the generated feed all that is displayed are the values of the input variables, or alternatively nothing (see (below)depending on the method of display. In short, the desired formatting -- the reason that I downloaded the PHP Class -- is missing. The page that creates the above result is a text file with a .php extension and a header( ) function. $rss_feed->encoding = 'UTF-8'; $rss_feed->version = '2.0'; $rss_feed->createFeed($rss_channel); header('Content-Type: text/xml; $rss_channel = the object that combines the formatting with the values of the input variables and their respective objects. The Class is relatively straight-forward and easily customized, but for two lines that I do not understand and could well be preventing the display of the XML code, if not properly configured. Interestingly, whether they are commented out or left in tact, they have no affect on what is displayed. $selfUrl = (!isset($_SERVER['HTTPS']) || $_SERVER['HTTPS'] != 'on' ? 'http://' : 'https://'); $selfUrl .= $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] . $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; When I run the .php file the following message appears at the top of the completed page. Still nothing below the message appears. Also, I do not know the source of this message. it does not appear to come from the .php document. Now, I have not constructed a style-sheet for the Feed page, but I hardly see how this could stop the feed from appearingl Please advise.
  10. Balderick

    check if facebook user exists

    Can someone give any suggestion how to check if a facebook address is valid when send by form input? I created a function checking the url address with get_headers at status code 302. This doesn't work when a facebook username doesn't exist, because it still gives true. How to solve this problem?
  11. $text = "i am a student of oxford university, and i love to tell everyone how much i have enjoyed my four years in school. the whole environment was really welcoming" . Actually, we have a database table called "text_word". So, i want a script that will search through the above text and check if any of those words from the above text does not exist in the "text_word" table, such word should be replaced by asterisks and store the replaced word into a separate column called "unmatched_word" in the same "text_word" table. let's assume the word "welcoming" was not existing in my database what i want to achieve is this. the text is parsed through the program INPUT: "i am a student of oxford university, and i love to tell everyone how much i have enjoyed my four years in school. the whole environment was really welcoming" . OUTPUT: "i am a student of oxford university, and i love to tell everyone how much i have enjoyed my four years in school. the whole environment was really ******" . Code Sample: foreach ($text as $word) { $select_word = $f->filterRecord("*", "parts_of_speech", "word", $word); $get_word = $f->show_data($select_word); $count_words = $f->numR($select_word); if ($count_words > 0) { $result[] = '<a href="word/?w='.$word.'">'.$word.'</a>'; } else { $result[] = "******"; } } Please i believe the code is not doing exactly what i want. If you have a better approach to how i can get the job done, i don't mind if you give me a fresh code snippet or script. I hope you understand what i'm trying to do now?
  12. my yii2 view/site/index is ok and my css is working there fine, however, other pages, for example view/about and view/login are just html without css and working terrible, what could be causing it? why my css is only working in view/index ?
  13. Alfraganus

    yii2 basic internalization

    Dear programmers, I need to make website with 2 languages in Yii2 basic framework, however, I researched tons of times on google and other search engines and I could only find yii2 advanced internalisation. I need for basic mode, please if you have source codes for yii2 basic multiple languages or if you know any link or video tutorial about yii2 basic internalisation, please kindly share with me, I would be greatly appriciated. I am looking forward from hearing from you soon.
  14. ann_ascherman

    PHP Website?

    Hello, I am wondering if someone can help me understand a website that I have stumbled across. I am fairly new to the world of web design and trying to make a site to display a personal portfolio. I love the layout of these pages: http://www.sophiehardydesign.com/ram . I'd love to know how it was made to see if it is within my ability to create a modified version of the same layout. I appreciate the help!
  15. Hi all, 1. I want to delete selected(checkbox) items from database(MySQL). Here I am not getting any error, but I couldn't do the delete function.2. Wants to play videos in website. Here videos storing into folder and also into database, but cannot playin website. I tried in many ways, but I couldn't. So, please help to make above mentioned functions workable. dashboard.php<form method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data"><input type="submit" name="delete" class="btn btn-primary" onclick="myFunction(id)" style="font-size: 15px; margin-left: 3em;" value="Delete" /></form><div><?php$query = mysqli_query($database, "SELECT * FROM video");while($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($query)){$id = $row['id'];$name = $row['name'];$url = "../uploads";// $url = $row['url'];$fileextensionvalue= $row['fileextension'];echo "<span class='col-md-6'><div class='row'><div class='col-md-1'><label class='checkbox'><input style='margin-right:1em;' name='checkbox[<?php echo $id; ?>]' type='checkbox' id='checkbox[]' data-toggle='checkbox' /></label></div><div class='col-md-1'><a href='#' style='color:red;font-size:18px;'>$id</a></div><div class='col-md-10'><a href='#' style='color:red;font-size:18px;'>$name</a></div></div><center style='padding:25px;'><video width='320' preload='auto' controls><source src='$url' type='video/$fileextensionvalue;codecs='avc1.42E01E, mp4a.40.2, H.264, aac, FLAC, Opus, VP9, VP8, Vorbis''/></video></center></span>";}?></div><script type="text/javascript">function myFunction(id){var r=confirm("Are you sure to delete selected video/s ?");if(r==true){window.location.assign("deleteVideo.php?id=" + id);}}</script>deleteVideo.php<?phpinclude '../database/database.php';$sql = mysqli_query($database, "SELECT * FROM video WHERE id='$id'");if(empty($_POST['delete'])){Print '<script>alert("Please choose file/s to delete.");</script>';Print '<script>window.location.assign("dashboard.php");</script>';}else if(!empty($_POST['delete'])){foreach($_POST['checkbox'] as $id => $val){if($val=='checked'){$query=mysqli_query("DELETE FROM video WHERE id = '".$id."'");$result= mysqli_query($database, $query) or die("Invalid query");}}}?>
  16. I made a piece of code to check wheter a url page exists. This is a part of the get_headers routine I'm using: <?php // check with checkdnsrr // validate with FILTER_VALIDATE_URL /////////////////////////////////////////////////// // get_headers part $array = get_headers($url); var_dump($array); $string = $array[0]; if( strpos($string,"200") || strpos($string,"301") || strpos($string,"302") || strpos($string,"403") ) { var_dump($url); } else { echo '<br><br> this site is insecure<br>'; echo '<br> use http instead of https <br><br>'; } } ?> The problem is that some websites configure their server either http or https but this does not mean that there is page content. What can be used to determine if there is an index.php or an index.html or any alternative indexpage used? The things I'm considering are: file_exists, file_get_contents or glob() on the other hand var_dump($array) gives in several cases the parameter: Content Type. The value is txt/html . Can this be used to see if there is a page? What would you recommend and can you give an example how this is used?
  17. iwato

    FeedWriter\ATOM - Feed::ATOM

    QUESTION: How does one read the expression Feed::ATOM in the brief block of code below? class ATOM extends Feed { /** * {@inheritdoc} */ public function __construct() { parent::__construct(Feed::ATOM); } }
  18. iwato

    FeedWriter\ATOM - Feed::ATOM

    QUESTION: How does one read the expression Feed::ATOM in the brief block of code below? class ATOM extends Feed { /** * {@inheritdoc} */ public function __construct() { parent::__construct(Feed::ATOM); } }
  19. iwato

    Executing PHP after window.open

    RECENT DISCOVERY: I recently discovered a handy PHP function called show_source( ) and would now like to apply it in a particular sort of way. GOAL: I would like to open a new tab in my current window that shows the source code of a page that I have opened in the window. DILEMMA: Since PHP operates before a page is opened I am a lot confused about how to make this happen. This is what I have accomplished so far. $( document ).ready(function() { console.log( "ready!" ); $('.show_src a').on('click', function(event) { event.preventDefault(); var address = $(this).attr('href'); window.open(address); ... }); }); <li class='show_src'>The <a href='./composer/php_rss_generator/RSSGenerator/ItemInterface.php' title='' target='_blank'>Interface</a></li> <li class='show_src'>The <a href='./composer/php_rss_generator/RSSGenerator/Item.php' title='' target='_blank'>Class</a></li> I have tried a variety of ways to replace the three dots above including .ajax( ) and window.write( ) but nothing seems to work. Any ideas? Roddy
  20. Here I can upload videos successfully into database and videos are saving in appropriate folder named "uploaded". As I mentioned in question, once after uploading the video, if I refresh the browser the previously uploaded video is going saving in my database. Another question is, if I click on the video(displayed name in myvideo.php), video is not going to display instead I am getting "Object Not Found" error. I request you people to give me solutions to solve these problems. Below I am posting my code: myvideo.php: <div class="content"><div class="card"><div class="header" id="stand-fix" style="border-bottom: 1px solid #E1E1E1;"><?phpif(isset($_POST['submit'])){// $conn = mysqli_connect("localhost", "root", "", "videos") or die(mysqli_error());$name = (isset($_FILES['file']['name']) ? $_FILES['file']['name'] : '');$temp = (isset($_FILES['file']['tmp_name']) ? $_FILES['file']['tmp_name'] : '');move_uploaded_file($temp, "uploaded/".$name);$url = "http://localhost/xampp/htdocs/VS/uploaded/$name";mysqli_query($database, "INSERT INTO video VALUE ('','$name','$url')");}?><form action="myvideo.php" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data"><div class="row"><div class="col-md-7"><h4 class="title">My Videos</h4></div><div class="col-md-3"><input type="file" name="file" class="btn btn-primary" style="font-size: 15px;"><br /></div><div class="col-md-2"><input type="submit" name="submit" class="btn btn-primary pull-right" style="font-size: 15px;" value="Upload"></div></div></form><?phpif(isset($_POST['submit'])){echo '<script language="javascript">';echo 'alert("Your video has been successfully uploaded.")';echo "window.location.href='dashboard.php'";echo '</script>';}?><hr width="50%"></div><div class="content" style="height: 30em; direction: ltr; overflow: auto;"><div class="row" style="margin-left:4em;" style="direction: rtl;"><?php$database = mysqli_connect("localhost", "root", "", "videos") or die(mysqli_error());$query = mysqli_query($database, "SELECT * FROM video");while($row=mysqli_fetch_assoc($query)){$id = $row['id'];$name = $row['name'];$url = $row['url'];echo "<p style='margin:0.5em;'><a href='watch.php?id=$id' style='color:red;'>$id&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;$name</a></p><br />";echo "<embed src='.$id.$url.'><video width='200' height='200' controls></video></embed>";}?></div></div></div></div> watch.php<?php$conn = mysqli_connect("localhost", "root", "", "videos") or die(mysqli_error());if(isset($_GET['id'])){$id = $_GET['id'];$query = mysqli_query($conn, "SELECT * FROM video WHERE id='$id'");while($row=mysqli_fetch_assoc($query)){$name = $row['name'];$url = $row['url'];}echo "<p style='font-size:20px;'><center>You are watching ".$name."</center></p><br /><embed src='.$url.'><video width='600' height='400' controls></video></embed>";}else{echo "Error!";}?>
  21. Hi All, I am new to php and I don't about following error. So I request you to give me solution for this and also please explain something about this error. Here I am working on User's profile page. I able to fetch data and displaying in profile's form, but data is not updating and I got the following error when I clicked for "Updation". " Uncaught Error: Call to a member function bindParam() on boolean in C:\xampp\htdocs\VS\components\update-profile.php:16 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in C:\xampp\htdocs\VS\components\update-profile.php on line 16 " And my code is: <?php include '../_database/database.php'; ini_set("display_errors",1); session_start(); $msg=""; $temp=(isset($_SESSION['Username']) ? $_SESSION['Username'] : ''); $id=(isset($_SESSION['Id']) ? $_SESSION['Id'] : ''); if($_SERVER["REQUEST_METHOD"] == "POST") { $username = $_POST['Username']; $email = $_POST['Email']; $employee = $_POST['EmployeeID']; $designation = $_POST['Designation']; $password = $_POST['Password']; $sql=$database->prepare("update set Username=:name,Email=:email,EmployeeID=:employee,Designation=:designation,Password=:password where Id='$id'"); $sql->bindParam(':Username',$name,PDO::PARAM_STR, 50); $sql->bindParam(':Email',$email,PDO::PARAM_STR, 50); $sql->bindParam(':EmployeeID',$employee,PDO::PARAM_INT, 11); $sql->bindParam(':Designation',$designation,PDO::PARAM_STR, 50); $sql->bindParam(':Password',$password,PDO::PARAM_STR, 50); if($sql->execute()){ echo "<font face='Verdana' size='2' color=green>You have successfully updated your profile<br></font>"; } else{ print_r($sql->errorInfo()); $msg=" <font face='Verdana' size='2' color=red>There is some problem in updating your profile. Please contact site admin<br></font>"; } } ?> If this is wrong kindly give me a solution. Thank You,
  22. BACKGROUND: Please find below a portion of a PHP class used to create an RSS feed. Included are only the constructor function and the function used to create the actual document. All other functions have been omitted so as to focus on the question at hand. My reason for posting this code is to better understand the proper way to create a class. As you can readily see from the __construct( ) function of this class each new instance of the class requires six parameter values. Although the author lists these parameters at the beginning of the class definition, he comments them out, rather than initializing them. QUESTION: Is this standard practice? What is to be gained by not declaring them outside of the __construct( ) function? It appears to create an unnecessary repetitious use of the pseudo $this variable. <?php /** * rss_feed (simple rss 2.0 feed creator php class) * * @author Christos Pontikis http://pontikis.net * @copyright Christos Pontikis * @license MIT http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT * @version 0.1.0 (28 July 2013) * */ class rss_feed { /** * Constructor * * @param array $a_db database settings * @param string $xmlns XML namespace * @param array $a_channel channel properties * @param string $site_url the URL of your site * @param string $site_name the name of your site * @param bool $full_feed flag for full feed (all topic content) */ public function __construct($a_db, $xmlns, $a_channel, $site_url, $site_name, $full_feed = false) { // initialize $this->db_settings = $a_db; $this->xmlns = ($xmlns ? ' ' . $xmlns : ''); $this->channel_properties = $a_channel; $this->site_url = $site_url; $this->site_name = $site_name; $this->full_feed = $full_feed; } /** * Generate RSS 2.0 feed * * @return string RSS 2.0 xml */ public function create_feed() { $xml = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>' . "\n"; $xml .= '<rss version="2.0"' . $this->xmlns . '>' . "\n"; // channel required properties $xml .= '<channel>' . "\n"; $xml .= '<title>' . $this->channel_properties["title"] . '</title>' . "\n"; $xml .= '<link>' . $this->channel_properties["link"] . '</link>' . "\n"; $xml .= '<description>' . $this->channel_properties["description"] . '</description>' . "\n"; // channel optional properties if(array_key_exists("language", $this->channel_properties)) { $xml .= '<language>' . $this->channel_properties["language"] . '</language>' . "\n"; } if(array_key_exists("image_title", $this->channel_properties)) { $xml .= '<image>' . "\n"; $xml .= '<title>' . $this->channel_properties["image_title"] . '</title>' . "\n"; $xml .= '<link>' . $this->channel_properties["image_link"] . '</link>' . "\n"; $xml .= '<url>' . $this->channel_properties["image_url"] . '</url>' . "\n"; $xml .= '</image>' . "\n"; } // get RSS channel items $now = date("YmdHis"); // get current time // configure appropriately to your environment $rss_items = $this->get_feed_items($now); foreach($rss_items as $rss_item) { $xml .= '<item>' . "\n"; $xml .= '<title>' . $rss_item['title'] . '</title>' . "\n"; $xml .= '<link>' . $rss_item['link'] . '</link>' . "\n"; $xml .= '<description>' . $rss_item['description'] . '</description>' . "\n"; $xml .= '<pubDate>' . $rss_item['pubDate'] . '</pubDate>' . "\n"; $xml .= '<category>' . $rss_item['category'] . '</category>' . "\n"; $xml .= '<source>' . $rss_item['source'] . '</source>' . "\n"; if($this->full_feed) { $xml .= '<content:encoded>' . $rss_item['content'] . '</content:encoded>' . "\n"; } $xml .= '</item>' . "\n"; } $xml .= '</channel>'; $xml .= '</rss>'; return $xml; } } ?>
  23. vaseycorp

    PHP and W3CSS

    Apologies if this has been covered. I use W3CSS for websites which is great then incorporate PHP to give the sites structure and cut down coding. Are there any plans to set up instructions on this combination? Thank you.
  24. Alfraganus

    issue with Yii 2 framework

    I was trying to make a blog with YII2, my framework is confusing to call data from database. For example when I call "username" from "user" table, <?= DetailView::widget([ 'model' => $model, 'attributes' => [ 'user.fullname', --->> Yii2 is thinking that this is a category and not a user table 'title', 'description', 'content:html', 'count_view', 'status', 'created_at', ], ]) ?> I am getting this error: -->> unknown property: app\models\Category::fullname please could you help me to solve this issue, where I did make a mistake?
  25. iwato

    The array_map( ) Function Revisited

    I would like to preserve the keys to the associative input array ($varnames) and replace the values with those of $_POST. This function replaces the both the keys and values and returns an index array with the $_POST values. function replace_value($a, $b) { $a = $b; return $a; }; $varnames = array_map(replace_value, $varnames, $_POST); print_r($varnames); Any suggestions? Roddy