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Found 3 results

  1. WesleyA

    SSL or encryption or both?

    I'm trying to create a secure inlog script in php/mysql. I'm faced with many subjects I absolutely know nothing about so I was looking for some help. I'm want to understand the route of a password from the browser to the database. One thing that is very hazy to me is the difference between SSL and encryption. My idea is that I could use javascript SHA 256 encryption at the client side. But other sources online recommend SSL. I was thinking, would it be possible to both use SSL as well as SHA encryption. Now, I asked questions before here moslty solving script issues, but now, I look for an advice about what the possibilities are. I have no script yet, because first I want to determine in which way the chances for security leaks are minimized. is there anyone who can give more clarity about it?
  2. Fmdpa

    SSL Certificates

    In my current website project, I would like to design a secure area for members. I have built basic login systems before, but I want to build something more secure this time. One of the things I would like to do it route requests using the HTTPS protocol. In my research on how to do this, I have been starting to learn about SSL certificates. As I understand it, in order to create an SSL encrypted connection that users can be confident in, I must purchase a certificate from a certificate authority (CA). I am questioning whether I really need to do this, though. Neither money nor information that is extremely sensitive would be handled in the secure area. The purpose of the website is of a nature that membership would be restricted to those personally acquainted with me, so it's not like they would be using a website with some vague "entity" operating it. They could trust me. Would that make it safe for me to use a self-signed SSL certificate? My only suspicion is that a hijacker could potentially inject a new SSL certificate (not sure if this is possible...) and trick users since neither his nor mine would be signed by a trusted CA. I could just get a cheap certificate, but I would like to avoid spending money on this if I don't have to. Maybe a free certificate would be okay? I'm not sure. What do you think is the best course of action for my situation?
  3. HungryMind

    How To Embed Ssl In My Php Checkout?

    My client has purchased SSL.But I am confused that how to embed SSL in my PHP checkout page.Please guide.