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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, If you use the touchpad "Swipe funktion)to scroll between the images instead of the keyboard arrows at: http://karimphoto.com/gallery-category/stories/#brick-making-in-bangladesh You will see that instead of slide one image it will slide two images or jump back and forth between different images. I understand if this is some that I can’t fix easily but thought I give it a try. On: http://dimsemenov.com/themes/touchfolio/ And WordPress 3.9.1 Thanks
  2. Placement of background image in Wordpress

    Hi, I having problem with the placement of the background image which is generated with the plugin Background Manager together with the theme Touchfolio. Here is how my page looks now and this is how I would like it to look and funktion. Basically I would like to be able to adjust the placement of the image. I’m using Firebug and Chrome Developer Tools but don’t find where to do the changes or place the code… The custom stylesheet in background manager is not doing anything for me. In the end I’m looking for a solution with a background image viewer that changes on on page (re)load and resize to different screen sizes and mobil devices… If I activate full screen mode in background manager it looks good on my phone and it also make the image responsive, but on non mobile device it covers the whole screen witch I don't want. If anyone have some input for me I would be very happy Thanks