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Found 1 result

  1. Virtual Host

    Just messing around with apache config file, if you look in dashboard you can find a link called How To ,If you click it will it will bring you to a menu with a list of topics with step by step instruction on how to set up different browser functions. For instance setting up sub-domains ,virtual-host,alias which to me are very much the same thing and use the same directives . I followed all the instruction to create sub-domains everything went very easy and smooth . The only thing i don't like about it is that every time you create a sub-domain you have to manually add the ip address to system 32 /driver/extra/ext/host file the only way to get around this they explained was to use a domain name server "DNS" or a proxy DNS .so i went and found me a proxy DNS installed it on my machine BOOM THAT BABY WORKS LIKE A CHARM. Just thought id drop a link in case any of you would like to add sub-domains without having the need to manually add the ip addres to your host file. Here the link to Acrylic DNS Proxy http://mayakron.altervista.org/wikibase/show.php?id=AcrylicHome hope this helps somebody if you need help on installing let me know and i will post the instructions