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Found 2 results

  1. Here is what my knowledge is. HTML5 CSS3 and how to install things. Okay I have a main domain called jamiesmedia.com in bluhost. I added wheeek.com and made it an addon like wheeek.jamiesmedia.com and all is fine with google bot and me until I get website happy and buy two new domains. I am VP of an organization and these two new domains are what sent google into some frenzy where they can't find my jamiesmedia.com and tried to fix by breaking things and stopped. I apologize that there is absolutely no correct way to explain what I need to fix. I personally don't understand what I did in the bluhost file manager to make problems with an address that I once told google webmasters that I own. I cannot figure out how to delete the site from google webmasters that looks like http://www.jamiesmedia.com/ and how on earth do I fix it to where I can type in jamiesmedia.com or http://jamiesmedia.com or www.jamiesmedia.com or every other form of address without it being re-directed to jamiesmedia.com in the address bar? Now I go to www.ourpetsareloved.com and it is fine I think, but when I type the url in a facebook post, I have to type http first in order for the site to pop up. Last time I did that, the title said SS site and that is how....I think I just figured something out. I installed wordpress differently on the new domain because I wanted it to not be linked to my own sites. ourpetsareloved.com and ourpetsareloved.org ones I do not want to be linked to my other personal sites. Can somebody explain what I am lacking in knowledge so I can learn how to fix what problems that apply to what I typed? I do like having my main domain work. Perhaps I should have installed wordpress on the sub domain opal.jamiesmedia.com instead of www.ourpetsareloved.com ? I tend to break many things when I try to undo what I recently did. I love learning. Is there anything that I need to copy into this topic that can give a better picture of the problems? Please tell me where to find this topic if it is moved because I have no clue what type of mess I created. New and important http://www.jamiesmedia.com/: Googlebot can't access your site Mar 3, 2015
  2. Hi,I used IIS as my web server. I have 5 websites already setup in IIS. Now I add one more website, but when I run the url instead of displaying the forms it display the codes.I have no idea how can I fixed this problem. When I tried to remove all the php codes it display the form.I hope somebody can help me to fixed this error.Thank you.
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