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Found 1 result

  1. Rewillis

    HTML 5.

    Attention: W3Schools Forum members: I have created a small SynWrite ( version 6.40.2770, if I remember correctly ) project file ( named "The_Holy_Bible_1.synw-proj" ), which contains a small HTML 5 file ( named "index.htm" ) and a small ".jpg" file ( named "Holy_Bible_KJV_1611_EDITION_2_CROP (640x632).jpg" ). My html file is is adapted from an example html file from the website ( named "www.w3schools.com" ). I have included the proper "meta" tag ( <meta> ) near the top of my html file, in order to enable Responsive Web Design ( RWD ). My web site ( named "The Holy Bible" ) appears fine ( for the most part ) in full screen mode in the Chrome web browser, for example. However, when I click on the "Restore Down" button in my web browser, the image on the left side of the web page does not fill that portion of the web page. Furthermore, when I edit the "image" tag ( "<img>" ) in my html file, to enable responsive web design for my image, the image actually shrinks in size when I view it in the Chrome web browser locally ( by typing in "file:///j:\index.htm" in the address bar of my browser ). I have included the screen capture files in this posting for your consideration. Do you have any suggestions? I have edited the html code in various ways, but nothing seems to work for my image size, so that it resizes to fill the left side of my web page. Thank you ( see Colossians 3:15, for example ) for your help. Keep in touch. Sincerely in Christ, Russell E. Willis P.S. - Please read Proverbs 23:23. P.P.S. - I will have to post the remaining screen capture files in additional posts, since there is a limit to the number of files to include per posting.