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Found 27 results

  1. Changing the place of input and label

    The html code is this : <div class="form-group"> <label class="col-sm-4 control-label">Checkbox inputs</label> <div class="col-sm-8"> <div class="checkbox check-transparent"> <input type="checkbox" value="1" id="opt01" checked> <label for="opt01">Option 1</label> </div> <div class="checkbox check-transparent"> <input type="checkbox" value="1" id="opt02"> <label for="opt02">Option 2</label> </div> <div class="checkbox check-transparent"> <input type="checkbox" value="1" id="opt03"> <label for="opt03">Option 3</label> </div> </div> </div> I attached the results photo : I want to change the place of checkbox and label I mean I want first be label and then checkbox. It had bootstrap too I uploaded the bootstrap files too : https://www.dropbox.com/s/kc8ytkkd5dxcmc1/assets.zip?dl=0 Who can say that how can I change the place of checkbox and label I will be thank.
  2. How to make an online program offline

    Hello guys I have a program actually I made it and it works online actually we can use it in host or servers but I want to know can we do something that we can use it offline but in offline web we can do whatever it has for example using all the feature. Thank you if you answer this question
  3. Css problem

    Hello guys I have a question about CSS: 1.What is the different between these things: div>p {background-color: yellow;} div p {background-color: yellow;} ---------------------------------------------------------- 2.And what is the different between these things: :root {background-color: yellow;} * {background-color: yellow;} ---------------------------------------------------------- 3.And what is this: ::selection ---------------------------------------------------------- I will be happy if you answer me.
  4. box sizing border box question

    When using box-sizing border-box on images do I have to use specific dimensions (e.g width: 100px, height: 200px) for it to work properly? I'm building a site with responsive images next to each other but separated by a border. It works fine on the left and right borders but the top and bottom borders are not contained within the image thus pushing other images next to it out of sync. This issue is really frustrating as I have googled to find a solution but found nothing, not even someone with the same problem. My image sizes are Width: 100% and height: auto. Is this not allowed for box-sizing border-box? Can anyone provide a fix for this as I can't use outline or box shadow for what i want to do? Here is my html and css, i've also uploaded screen grabs of my issue: <div id="rightCol"> <img src="./images/pa.jpg"/> <img src="./images/game.jpg"/> <img src="./images/spine.jpg"/> </div> <div id="leftCol"> <img src="./images/truck.jpg"/> <img src="./images/ccc.jpg"/> <img src="./images/box.jpg"/> </div> #rightCol { width: 50%; height: auto; float: right; } #rightCol img { width: 100%; -moz-box-sizing: border-box; box-sizing: border-box; border-left:2px solid white; border-bottom: 4px solid white; display: block; } #leftCol { width: 50%; height: auto; } #leftCol img { width: 100%; -moz-box-sizing: border-box; box-sizing: border-box; border-right:2px solid white; border-bottom: 4px solid white; display: block; }
  5. I need help with this problem

    I'm practising js on an another site and I do not know how to solve this problem. It's simple and I wrote a code, but it doesn't work.-You are a creature of habit. Every week you buy 5 oranges. But orange prices keep changing!You want to declare a function that calculates the cost of buying 5 oranges.You then want to calculate the cost of the 5 all together.Write a function that does this called orangeCost().It should take a parameter that is the cost of an orange, and multiply it by 5.It should log the result of the multiplication to the console.Call the function where oranges each cost 5 dollars.-and this is a code that I wrote:var orangeCost = function(price) {var val = price * 5;console.log(val);};orangeCost = (5);I could use some help...

    Hi, I am triyng to embed a video on BLOGGER: <div align='center'><video width="320" height="240" controls> <source src="XXX" type="video/mp4"></video></div> And I am getting the following error: Error al analizar XML, línea 3848, columna 61: Attribute name "controls" associated with an element type "video" must be followed by the ' = ' character Can someone please help? THANKS! Joao
  7. Glitches During HTML Download

    Hello! I am by no means a professional - excuse what may be a silly question, and definitely silly code! I have 2 problems I would define as glitching and shifting that I cannot solve: Here is the site I am discussing: http://conservefineartsonoma.com/index.html 1.) A complete shift of text and a smaller header logo when you click the CONTACT link. http://conservefineartsonoma.com/Contact.html 2.) When each link on the page is clicked, the entire page formatting shifts until the page has downloaded. What is this?? It's driving me bonkers.... I have included the CSS and a few pages from the site to this posting since I have no idea which part of the code is at fault for either of these problems. Any help would very VERY much appreciated - trying to get it nice n smooth! stylesheet.css Contact.html Deakin.html index.html
  8. Hello, I'm trying to make a method that creates objects of a parameterized type randomly, but also to store the hashCode of different objects created and if at any time the percentage of different objects is less than 50% throw an exception. This last part is where I've gotten stuck. I have created a population property where I store the different hashCodes and update it in the method adding the new hashCode from the new object. But I don't know how to do for to know if the percentage of different objects is less than 50%. See if someone can help me out. Regards!
  9. hi friend i am used the java script to display the currency of Iraqi dinars from this xml file http://www.xe.com/datafeed/samples/sample-xml-usd.xml and i used this code <script>if (window.XMLHttpRequest) { xmlhttp=new XMLHttpRequest(); }else { xmlhttp=new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP"); }xmlhttp.open("GET","http://www.xe.com/datafeed/samples/sample-xml-usd.xml",false);xmlhttp.send();xmlDoc=xmlhttp.responseXML; currency=xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("crate")[65].childNodes[0].nodeValue;document.write(currency);</script> but that is not work and i don't know why? please tell me what is my mistakes ... help me
  10. display:flex;

    Hello,i have a problem with the css rule display: flex. Well to be honest, the problem is with the Safari browser. Every other browser displays the page as i intend it to display, but with Safari there´s a problem. I have a container with the class of promo that holds tree colomns with the class of coluna. The CSS is as fallows: .conteudo .promo { max-width: 100%; display:flex; display:-webkit-flex; flex-flow:row wrap; -webkit-flex-flow:row wrap; justify-content:center; } .conteudo .promo .coluna{ -moz-box-sizing:border-box; -o-box-sizing:border-box; -webkit-box-sizing:border-box; box-sizing:border-box; max-width: 32%; padding: 5px; margin: 5px; display:flex; display:-webkit-flex; flex-flow:column; -webkit-flex-flow:column; } Is there anything i´m doing wrong because only in Safari the page isn´t displayed as it should.I´d really need some help. Please!!!!The page is on: www.sistemagestorconteudos.net/Alfaccop/Sitio8 Torsuntsu
  11. Okay, title says it all... im needing a little help understanding a few things, but i think i have a hold of something. My php code: $HTMLOUT .= box_start_full_size("Latest News");//$HTMLOUT .= "LATEST NEWS..."; $res = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM news WHERE added + ( 3600 *24 *45 ) >".time()." ORDER BY added DESC LIMIT 2");if (mysql_num_rows($res) > 0){$button = "";$id = ""; while($array = mysql_fetch_assoc($res)) { $id .= $array['nid']; $HTMLOUT .= "<div id='index_newsbox".$id."'>";//ID for jQuery to work... $HTMLOUT .= "<a href='#' id='toggle_all'>"; $HTMLOUT .= "Toggle All"; $HTMLOUT .= "</a>"; if (get_user_class() >= UC_ADMIN) { $button = " <div style='float:right;'> <a href='#'>Edit</a> <a href='#'>Delete</a> </div>"; } $HTMLOUT .= " <div class='news_headline'> <span class='span_news_headline'> {$array['headline']}n </span> {$button} </div>n"; $HTMLOUT .= "<div style='display:none;' class='news_body'>"; $HTMLOUT .= "<span style='float:right;'>".get_date( $array['added'], 'TINY' ) . "</span>n"; $HTMLOUT .= nl2br( $array['body'] ); $HTMLOUT .= "</div>n"; $HTMLOUT .= "</div>";//end of news ID/jQuery... }}$HTMLOUT .= box_end_full_size(); This is my jQuery/JS code: $(document).ready( function() { $('#index_newsbox').toggle( function() { $('.news_body').slideDown();//specific news-body... }, function() { $('.news_body').slideUp();//specific news-body... }); });$(document).ready( function() { $('#toggle_all').toggle( function() { $('.news_body').slideDown();//all news-body... }, function() { $('.news_body').slideUp();//all news-body... }); }); I want 2 things here. First is to make a simple <a href> link that can toggle ALL news-body div classes to slidedown and up, (does not work yet). next is simple, i wonna do this for each and one of the divs also. Meaning making some sort of ID to the jQuery/JS so it will chose the specific div-box to deal with... now, as you see, i have maked an $id inside the PHP for the div (id from table inside DB). From here im stuck a little bit, coz this is my first kind of project with jQuery, i always used normal JS. This seemed a little bit more simpler, and yet, i stuck, how dramatic -.-'... Anyhow, would be great if anyone could drop in with an idea on how to fix this one! Thanks as always!
  12. [PHP] Problem

    Hello,I'm trying to get my PHP to select the ID from the table 'users' and use it in an SQL query,I've listed my code; $id= $_SESSION['id'];$id2 = mysql_query("SELECT * from 'Friends' WHERE 'id1' = '{$id}'"); echo $id2["id2"] ;?> this bit works,but I can't "echo $id2["id2"] ;" the above code does not list the id2 that is listed in the database. Any help appreciated!
  13. Hey w3s again, im currently trying to make a foot div for a green webshop (for fun). Anyhow, im using this code: #foot { width:950px; height:20px; color:#FFF; background-color:#90CA77; bottom: 0px;} what i am trying to, is go take the whole foot div down to the bottom, but it will not do it. Any ideas? Oo...it is working so far, but wont go down, and that is all i need it to. here is the rest of my CSS: img {border: none;}a img { border: none;}html, body {height: 100%; /*to fill it out with no white borders or weird remain space...*/margin: 0em;padding: 0em;background-color: #D0D6B8;}#wrapper {width: 950px;margin: 0 auto;background-color: #ECEEE1; top: 0px;bottom: 0px;height: 100%;}#logo_holder { width: 950px; /*or 100%*/ height: 85px; background-color:#595959;} #menu_holder { width: 940px; /*Original: 950px, minus 10 for 5px at left and right (padding)...*/ height: 20px; background-color:#90CA77; padding-left: 5px; padding-right: 5px; border: none;} /* unvisited link */ #menu_holder a:link { color:#FFF; text-decoration:none; } /* visited link */ #menu_holder a:visited { color:#FFF; text-decoration:none; } /* mouse over link */ #menu_holder a:hover { color:#FFF; text-decoration:none; } /* selected link (clicking on it with mouse)... */ #menu_holder a:active { color:#FFF; text-decoration:none; }#foot { width:950px; height:20px; color:#FFF; background-color:#90CA77; bottom: 0px;}
  14. Positioning trouble

    hi everyone, I just want to ask the professionals use is very simple question about CSS positioning step ahead of myself I started learning css a few months ago it was very very easy to me there was nothing complex about it at all. well not until I reach the positioning in CSS they will like a living ###### to me well of course I could understand that simple values which are fixed relative, absolute, and static and how the work and the relation between the relative and the absolute values. but one thing that I died understand in positioning is that when you position an element in html you need to position it according to let's say the full screen mood that's mean when you want to make the browser tab is in the full screen of your computer screen, but if you played with tab of the browser like you want to decrease or increase the size of tab the position will change now. so how does these positions work I don't know how they work when we can implement them in any HTML page. and also one more simple question is that if I want to center an elements like a box in the center of the HTML page but when I play with the tab at the dimensions it don't change from its position it stay and remains in the center of the HTML page not caring about the decreasing or the increasing of that tap dimensions.
  15. Css Problems Alignment

    Hello,Sorry I'm experiencing problems with my css, #title {width: 200px;height: auto;margin-top: -10px;margin-left: 20px;background-color:#000;border-radius: 2px;color: #DF3A01;}#search {width: 600px;height: auto;color: #FFF;margin-top: 28px;position: absolute;margin-left: 190px;display: inline;}#buttons {width: 300px;height: auto;color: #FFF;margin-top: 28px;position: absolute;margin-right: 30px;display: inline;}#buttons li {border-left: 2px dashed #FE9A2E;padding: 5px 5px 5px 5px;display: inline;}#buttons ul {display: inline;}#bar {margin-left: -15px;margin-right: -15px;margin-top: -12px;width: 110%;height: 50px;background-color: #000;position: fixed;border-radius: 3px;padding-left: 15px;padding-right: 15px;padding-top: 12px;} and my html; <div id="bar"><div id="title"><h1 color="#FE9A2E" style="float: left;">PitchIT</h1></div><div id="search"><?PHP// Array for Config variables$Config['CanSearch'] = false; // Falseif($Config['CanSearch'] == true){ echo 'form name="search" method="post" action="<?=$PHP_SELF?>"><input type="text" size="50" name="query" placeholder="Enter Search Query Here..." /> by<Select NAME="field"><Option VALUE="name">Name</option><Option VALUE="email">Email</option><Option VALUE="id">ID</option></Select><input type="hidden" name="searching" value="yes" /><input type="submit" name="search" value="Search" /></form>';}else{ echo 'Search Currently Unavailable!';}?></div><div id="buttons"><ul><li>Bob</li><li>Bob</li></ul></div></div> But it shows as the image attached below. The bob li's show up in the middle f the search and title.they're meant to be on the far right.... Thanks in advance!all help appreciated!
  16. Tab Menu

    I´m looking for a tutorial and how to make a menu with 3 tabs with different content each. one of the tabs will have a video. My question is, How can i achieve this?Will it be on html only, css, or both?Thanks in advance for your time. :)I'm looking on google but nothing on how to achieve this.
  17. Hi there! I've built the following code snippet in order to animate a div element by using the setInterval() function to change the div element's height and width at a specified rate. the problem is that according to the arguments I've provided to the function, I've expected it to last 2 seconds. but unfortunately, actually the function executed during approximately 8 seconds and I don't understand why. please help me figure it out what is going here. <html><head><title></title><script type="text/javascript">try{function start(){var divFirst = document.getElementById("divFirst");var divControl = document.getElementById("divControl");function expand(eID, exHeight, exWidth, timing){i = 0;t = setInterval(innerExpand, timing);function innerExpand(){i++;eID.style.height = exHeight++;eID.style.width = exWidth ++;s = new Date();s = s.getSeconds();divControl.innerHTML = i + "---" + s;if(i == 1000){clearInterval(t);}//end if.}//end innerExpand().}//end expand().divFirst.onclick = function(){expand(divFirst, 20, 100, 2);}}//end start().}//end try statement.catch(err){alert("there's an error in this page. \n the error message is:\n" + err.message + "\n the error name is: \n" + err.name + "\n and the error details are:\n" + err.constructor + "\n and the error stack is: \n" + err.stack);}//end catch statement.</script><style type="text/CSS">div#divFirst {background-color:red;}div#divControl {position:absolute; top:10px; left:200px;}</style></head><body onload="start()"><div id="divFirst">my first div!!</div><div id="divControl"></div></body></html> Any help will be appreciated! Thanks in advance! atar.
  18. So i have this website wich i first uploaded on a private free web hosting server. Now some images do not show, and i first thought it got to do with t´because it is a slow free server! But that was not the problem since i now uploaded it on fast pay web hosting domain. This one: http://iphonetryck.se/index.php The images are not shown there either! I tried everything i know from making all the images small equaly(because UNIX does not recognise with one big and rest small or something like that...), to make the pictures from indexered to RGB, or to jpg. Neither work! I need help on to why this is happening. I tried to reupload also btw. I attach a picture on how it is suppose to look like - on the index startpage. As you see the index picture to the top left is not there, and the colorimages for the menylinks is not there either. Also some other pictures like the iphone too in one other page.
  19. ASP FileSystemObject Writeline Problem

    Hey guys.i got a little problem here. Anyone Error at this test?why i can't Open it by IIS?<html> <head><title>Writing form a text files</title></head><body> <%Dim fso, f, filespec Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")filespec = Server.Mappath("/tutorials/asp/textfile.txt")Set f= fso.OpenTextFile(filespec,2) f.WriteLine("VBscript and ASP are fun!") f.close %></body></html>
  20. Hi,I tried to apply this example on my website and it didn't work.The problem is that the text is also included in the opacity and then you get a transparent text: My website: My code: shaltermain.htmlmystyle.css thanks!
  21. Problem with online rich text editor

    Hi guys,I'm trying to integrate an online rich text editor in my web site.I have found an HTML code that create an awesome rich text editor and I want to keep using it for my site, but in the tutorial, the author don't have write the code to allow the user to save the file (with the bold, underline ecc propriets) on their PC.Now, the rich text editor is in a private area, with you can access with a login written in PHP ad MySQL and I want that the file will not be saved in their PC but I want that the file will be saved in a directory (in my server) witch only the owner of the file can access the file with the login. I want also that the file must have a 'name'.I want that the saved file will be appear in a list in a page and with a click in the file's title, it will be opened in the editor page.Sorry for my bad English but I'm an Italian user :)I know that this is very difficult but i really need this rich text editor with the save option.I have posted in PHP zone because I think that the script to save the file must be written in PHP to work with MySQL. Here you can found the code: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Frameset//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/frameset.dtd"><html> <head><style type="text/css">/*<![CDATA[*/#editor {width: auto;height: auto;}#firefoxerror {display: none;/*]]>*/</style><meta content="text/html; charset=utf-8" http-equiv="Content-Type"><title>Senza nome 1</title><style type="text/css">.auto-style1 {font-family: Tahoma;}</style></head><body onLoad="def()"><script type="text/javascript">if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Firefox")!=-1)document.write("L' editor non supporta Firefox. Usate Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari o Opera.")</script><center><div id="editor"><div style="width:549px; text-align:left; margin-bottom:10px"><table style="width: 103%"><tr><td class="auto-style1" style="width: 209px"><a href="http://my.lightschool.it/login-home.php">← Torna indietro</a></td><td style="width: 38px"><img src="http://cdn4.iconfinder.com/data/icons/meBaze-Freebies/32/save.png" height="26" width="26"></td><td><img src="http://cdn1.iconfinder.com/data/icons/CrystalClear/32x32/actions/agt_print.png" height="26" width="26"></td></tr></table><br><input type="button" id="bold" style="height:21px; width:21px; font-weight:bold;" value="G" onClick="fontEdit('bold')" title="Grassetto"/><input type="button" id="italic" style="height:21px; width:21px; font-style:italic;" value="C" onClick="fontEdit('italic')" title="Corsivo" /><input type="button" id="underline" style="height:21px; width:21px; text-decoration:underline;" value="S" onClick="fontEdit('underline')" title="Sottolineato" /> |<input type="button" style="height:21px; width:21px;"value="S" onClick="fontEdit('justifyleft')" title="Allinea a sinistra" /><input type="button" style="height:21px; width:21px;"value="C" onClick="fontEdit('justifycenter')" title="centrato" /><input type="button" style="height:21px; width:21px;"value="D" onClick="fontEdit('justifyright')" title="Allinea a destra" /> |<select id="fonts" onChange="fontEdit('fontname',this[this.selectedIndex].value)"><option value="Arial">Arial</option><option value="Comic Sans MS">Comic Sans MS</option><option value="Courier New">Courier New</option><option value="Monotype Corsiva">Monotype</option><option value="Tahoma">Tahoma</option><option value="Times">Times</option></select><select id="size" onChange="fontEdit('fontsize',this[this.selectedIndex].value)"><option value="1">8 pt</option><option value="2">10 pt</option><option value="3">12 pt</option><option value="4">14 pt</option><option value="5">16 pt</option><option value="6">18 pt</option><option value="7">20 pt</option></select><select id="color" onChange="fontEdit('ForeColor',this[this.selectedIndex].value)"><option value="black">Nero</option><option style="color:red;" value="red">Rosso</option><option style="color:blue;" value="blue">Blu</option><option style="color:green;" value="green">Verde</option><option style="color:#FF00FF;" value="pink">Rosa</option></select> |<input type="button" style="height:21px; width:21px;"value="1" onClick="fontEdit('insertorderedlist')" title="Elenco numerato" /><input type="button" style="height:21px; width:21px;"value="●" onClick="fontEdit('insertunorderedlist')" title="Elenco puntato" /><input type="button" style="height:21px; width:21px;"value="←" onClick="fontEdit('outdent')" title="Riduci rientro" /><input type="button" style="height:21px; width:21px;"value="→" onClick="fontEdit('indent')" title="Aumenta rientro" /></div><iframe id="textEditor" style="width:807px; height:427px;"></iframe></center><script type="text/javascript"><!--textEditor.document.designMode="on";textEditor.document.open();textEditor.document.write('<head><style type="text/css">body{ font-family:arial; font-size:13px; }</style> </head>');textEditor.document.close();function def(){document.getElementById("fonts").selectedIndex=0;document.getElementById("size").selectedIndex=1;document.getElementById("color").selectedIndex=0;}function fontEdit(x,y){textEditor.document.execCommand(x,"",y);textEditor.focus();}--></script></div><div id="firefoxerror"><p>Attenzione! Stai usando Mozilla Firefox che non è supportato dall Editor. L' Editor supporta Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera e Safari.</p></div></body></html> Thank you, Best regards,Francesco
  22. HTML/CSS sidebar issues

    Hi all, I am a new website designer, and I have designed a website for my YT channel, with the help of DreamWeaver's inbuilt templates and CSS. I have been having problem recently, as one of the sidebars is not rendering inside the .container div, rather it is rendering outside it, yet it is still fixed. The contained element is a twitter bar, and I was wondering if anyone knew what could be causing it. You can see the problem here http://www.battlefie...ys.freeglo.net/The sidebar on the left should be right next to the black matte background like the sidebar on the right. Apologies if you try to read the code, I haven't taken out DW's notes yet as I still use them. This is the .container code .container {width: 1068px;max-width: 1260px;min-width: 780px;margin-top: 0;margin-right: auto;margin-bottom: 0;margin-left: auto; There is the sidebar's code that I am having problems with .sidebar2 {float: right;width: 171px;padding-top: 10px;padding-right: 0;padding-bottom: 10px;padding-left: 0;position:fixed; And here is what is in the sidebar - just a twitter feed and a facebook like button <div class="sidebar2"><script>(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) {return;} js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/all.js#appId=267242146629402&xfbml=1"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk'));</script><div class="fb-like" data-href="http://www.battlefieldboys.freeglo.net/" data-send="true" data-layout="button_count" data-width="90" data-show-faces="false" data-font="arial"></div> <script src="http://widgets.twimg.com/j/2/widget.js"></script><script>new TWTR.Widget({ version: 2, type: 'profile', rpp: 4, interval: 30000, width: 170, height: 300, theme: { shell: { background: '#000000', color: '#e6bc12' }, tweets: { background: '#000000', color: '#ffffff', links: '#e6bc12' } }, features: { scrollbar: true, loop: false, live: true, hashtags: true, timestamp: true, avatars: false, behavior: 'all' }}).render().setUser('BattlefieldBoys').start();</script></div> Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.- deviouswatch
  23. css transition + jQuery Issue

    Hello! I'm new here and I am dealing with a little problem which I hope you guys can help me with! What I want to achieve: Basically what I want to happen is that when the logo gets hovered the black message box will fade in using css transitions. Take a look at the image below and you will get me. And when the mouse moves away from the logo the message box fades out to zero again. But something is wrong, I dont know what. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B0ONzhkyFUwhQXNOTFJzb0lVSFE/edit?pli=1 <-- image to make you understand. What I am dealing with: Thanks for staying with me, here is my HTML, CSS AND jQuery HTML: <div id="colume"> <div id="logo-to-hover"><a href="#"><img src="images/villave-logo.png" alt="villave-logo" width="220" height="53" /></a> </div> <!-- end logo-to-hover--> </div> <!-- end colume--> <div id="message"> <div id="box-1" class><p>Byggvareforhandler</p> </div> <!-- end box1 --> </div><!-- end message--> jQuery: <script>$(function() { $( "#logo-to-hover" ).hover(function() { $( "#box-1" ).toggleClass( "box-a"); return false; });}); </script> CSS: #logo-to-hover { width: 220px; height: 55px; margin-right: 20px; float: left; } #boxes { width: 940px; height: 71px; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; position: absolute; } #box-1 { height: 44px; width: 200px; margin-left: 10px; margin-right: 10px; background-image: url(../images/hoverbg.png); float: left; text-align: center; opacity: 0; -webkit-transition: all 0.4s ease-in-out;-moz-transition: all 0.4s ease-in-out;-o-transition: all 0.4s ease-in-out;-ms-transition: all 0.4s ease-in-out;transition: all 0.4s ease-in-out; }.box-a { opacity: 1; -webkit-transition: all 0.4s ease-in-out;-moz-transition: all 0.4s ease-in-out;-o-transition: all 0.4s ease-in-out;-ms-transition: all 0.4s ease-in-out;transition: all 0.4s ease-in-out; }
  24. Hello W3schools again, a problem has been showed up on my little shop project again, and some people in here might knows it still... anyways... the people that tried to help me, if you are one of them. please read on... else, well... just read ... anyways... i went to my school teacher (one of them) and asked for help, and we did solve it with some big issues he told me and pointed out for me... and that was a big help for the understanding...anyways. i came home... and now the weird part is comming... when im trying to add somfthing to my shop (the cart/session)... then its like it just wont listen, because the fun part is that it (DOES) redirects do shop.php as i told it to do in the function that i call to add the redirect... that... orr its just updating.. but seems like it redirects... anyways... here are the files of my related to the shop: (ATTACHED) and i must say, i dont really knows how to explain this... since it would be impossible to redirect without the function, and that i cannot see either on the URL... :/...so please tell me if you need more information on anything... dont knows what to tell... (NO PAGE ERRORS...) so i cannot really answer anymore questions on this problem unless you are asking me ... Hoping answers soon... Regards: rootKID EDIT: Note that the details page its just a beginning... but thinked that it would be ok to add it just in case you was wonder... lol ...
  25. function problem with CSS :(...

    Hello W3S... what im trying to do here is to call a function that have some div's in it...and here is my code im using for this: <center><div id="content_body"><center><!--/**********************/--><div class="content_left"><?phpecho full_width_auto_begin_box("Latest News");include ("mods_content/index/news.php");echo full_width_auto_end_box();?></div><!--/**********************/--><div class="content_right"><?phpecho full_width_auto_begin_box("Stats");include ("mods_content/index/stats.php");echo full_width_auto_end_box();?></div><!--/**********************/--></center></div><div class="clear"></div></center> and as you see, then i also added a div class called clear at the end... but it still is confucing somehow... so here is my functions code below: /*Inner (Box auto_100%) Mod Function*/function full_width_auto_begin_box($caption = ""){$begin = "<div class='100_auto_box_background'><div class='100_auto_box_title'><b>".$caption."</b></div><div class='100_auto_box_content'>";return $begin;}function full_width_auto_end_box(){$end = "</div><div class='100_auto_box_footer'><a href=''>To Top</a></div></div>";return $end;}/*Inner (Box auto_100%) Mod Function*/ and below here is my .CSS...: /*CLASSES*/.clear {clear:both; /*SKAL HAVE EN START/###### DIV MED CLASS CLEAR FOR AT FOOTEREN IKKE IRITERRE FLOATSNE...*/}/*CLASSES*//*BOX auto_100% CSS*/.100_auto_box_background {width:100%;background-color: #808080;text-align:left;}.100_auto_box_title {width:auto;background-color: #616161;background-image:url(images/backgrounds/tables_titles/black_1.png);background-size:contain;text-align:left;font-size:20px;}.100_auto_box_content {padding:10px;width:auto;height:auto;background-color: #808080;text-align:left;}.100_auto_box_footer {width:auto;background-color: #616161;background-image:url(images/backgrounds/tables_titles/black_1.png);background-size:contain;text-align:center;}/*FOR THE LINK DECORATION IN THE BOX FOOTER...*/.100_auto_box_footer a:link { /*unvisited Links*/color:#990000;text-decoration:underline;}.100_auto_box_footer a:visited { /*Visited Links*/color:#990000;text-decoration:underline;}.100_auto_box_footer a:hover { /*mouse over link*/color:#990000;text-decoration:underline;}.100_auto_box_footer a:active { /*selected link*/color:#000000;}/*FOR THE LINK DECORATION IN THE BOX FOOTER...*//*FOR THE LINK DECORATION IN THE BOX CONTENT...*/.100_auto_box_content a:link { /*unvisited Links*/color:#900;/*background-color:#333333;*/border: 1px solid #990000;}.100_auto_box_content a:visited { /*Visited Links*/color:#900;}.100_auto_box_content a:hover { /*mouse over link*/color:#900;background-color:#333333;}.100_auto_box_content a:active { /*selected link*/color:#900;}/*FOR THE LINK DECORATION IN THE BOX CONTENT...*//*BOX auto_100% CSS*/ hoping someone can help me :/... Note that this is when im trying to make 2 things between each other... but when im putting it right under each item like so below: <center><div id="content_body"><center><!--/**********************/--><?phpecho begin_box("Latest News");include ("mods_content/index/news.php");echo end_box();echo "<br />";echo begin_box("Stats");include ("mods_content/index/stats.php");echo end_box();?><!--/**********************/--></center></div></center> and that is without a clear/both...ideas?...