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Found 10 results

  1. function loadDoc(n_file) { var xhttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); xhttp.onreadystatechange = function() { if (this.readyState == 4 && this.status == 200) { var myObj = JSON.parse(this.responseText); var parametr = "september" var neco = myObj.september.17[0].dayname; var neco2 = "myObj." + parametr + ".17[0].dayname"; debugger; x = zacinajiciDen(neco); than i have this in my variables: neco1: "pa" neco2: "myObj.september17[0].dayname" i would like to have value "pa" inside like in neco1 but i would like to be able to change name of month. Is it possible Hi all, I have a simple problem. I would like to have a value of Object "myObj.september17[0].dayname" in my variable neco2. but there is of course more month which i need access and i need to changing this variable but when i use "myObj." + parametr + "17[0].dayname"; it is saved a string to variable instead of value. I am very new in JS, learning two days now so please be patient with me.
  2. Hi, i'm reading back and forward but not really coming t a solution. I would like to grab the content of an input field (not inside a form) i am using for date, but just as string. the needed output format is always DD/MM/YYYY so said : 12.02.16 or 2016 12.2.16 or 2016 12-02-16 and so on should all result in 12/02/2016 if there would be a timestamp behind it just needs to be cutted off. I really thought this would be easier :-) But it isn't Maybe somebody could point out a good article or solution for me. Thx. I'm really struggling with the regular expressions :-) var txt='31-12/2016'; var re1='(\\d)'; // Any Single Digit 1 var re2='(\\d)'; // Any Single Digit 2 var re3='(.)'; // Any Single Character 3 var re4='(\\d)'; // Any Single Digit 1 var re5='(\\d)'; // Any Single Digit 2 var re6='(.)'; // Any Single Character 4 var re7='((??:[1]{1}\\d{1}\\d{1}\\d{1})|(?:[2]{1}\\d{3})))(?![\\d])'; // Year 1 var p = new RegExp(re1+re2+re3+re4+re5+re6+re7,["i"]); var m = p.exec(txt); if (m !== null) { var c1=m[1]; var c2=m[2]; var c3="/"; var d1=m[4]; var d2=m[5]; var c4="/"; var year1=m[7]; alert(c1+c2+c3+d1+d2+c4+year1+"\n"); } else { alert("Please check format"); }
  3. I want to transfer a string (several values ) into a php array. I know explode is used to do that. But is explode the only way or are there other ways to do this in php?
  4. Hello, I'm currently learning JavaScript and I plan to work a lot with arrays. I store all arrays in external files and use JSON to access them. Now I wanted to read the names of all arrays that are nested in one main array to create a navigation list but I don't know how to do that. This is an example of a JSON file I use: {"MainArray":[ {"SubArray1":[{ ... }] }, {"SubArray2":[{ ... }] }, {"SubArray3":[{ ... }] } ]} How do I get the names of all SubArrays? I tried this // arr is a JSON-parsed string function myFunction(arr) { var out = ""; var i; for(i = 0; i < arr.MainArray.length; i++) { out += arr.MainArray[i].toString() + '<br>'; } document.getElementById("aso").innerHTML = out; } but it only creates a list of "[object Object]" items. Should I create another JSON file where all array names are listed instead?
  5. Hey, so I have a code where you click a button, it tells you to translate a word, then tells you if you are correct or incorrect. I am adding something so that when you get a word correct, it goes on the left side, when you get a word wrong, it goes on the left side. My code works, aside from one thing. When you get a word right, it lists it on the left side, but the next word replaces the previous word. Here is one of my functions: function spanishLocation(){ var num = Math.floor(Math.random() * locations.length); var locations_obj = locations[num]; var answer = prompt("Translate: " + locations_obj.spanish).toLowerCase(); if (answer == locations_obj.english){ document.getElementById("icorrect").innerHTML = "Correct"; document.getElementById("AddCorrect").innerHTML = locations_obj.spanish + ": " + locations_obj.english; document.getElementById("CorrectAnswer").innerHTML = ""; } else{ document.getElementById("icorrect").innerHTML = "Incorrect"; document.getElementById("CorrectAnswer").innerHTML = locations_obj.english; } } How do I change the document.getElementById("AddCorrect").innerHTML = locations_obj.spanish + ": " + locations_obj.english; so that it adds the word and its translation to a div, rather than replacing it? Does that make sense?
  6. sevillano665

    "var" doesn't work as number

    Hi! My problem is that I've made a function with "var kgTotales = 0". But when I sum "kgTotales = kgTotales + 2" the result is "02", it returns a string and not a number. I use this var in a bucle so the result is "kgTotales = 02...." and next to it the next numbers I want to sum. This is the code: <script type="text/javascript"> function multiplicar() { var contador1; var contador2 = 2; var contador3 = 1; var n1; var n2; var id1; var id2; var id3; var kgTotales = 0; var precioTotal = 0; for(contador1=1; contador1 < 60; (contador1)+2){ id1="n" +(contador1); id2="n" +(contador2); id3="result" +(contador3); contador1=(contador1)+2; contador2=(contador2)+2; contador3++; n1=document.getElementById(id1).value; n2=document.getElementById(id2).value; document.getElementById(id3).value = (n1*n2); precioTotal = precioTotal + (n1*n2); kgTotales = kgTotales+n2; document.getElementById("precioTotal").value = precioTotal + " Euros"; document.getElementById("kgTotales").value = kgTotales + " Kg"; } } </script> And this is the result: I don't understand why it happens because precioTotal is a similar var and also shows a sum and works well. I hope someone could helps me. Regards!
  7. I am trying to process a string which contains various data relating to an elearning record; Moodle SCORM suspend_data if you're familiar with it Since I do not have access to server side SQL/CLR functions through the Moodle interface, I am attempting to reference, and extract, the relevant information from the string by explicitly referencing the character locations of the information I need in the string and then converting them as required so they can be summed e.g. SELECT prefix_user.username,........ ((CASE(SUBSTRING(value_rep,237,1)) WHEN 'c' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) + ........(CASE(SUBSTRING(value_rep,3659,1)) WHEN 'c' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END)) AS "# Videos watched"........FROM ((prefix_user LEFT JOIN (SELECT prefix_scorm_scoes_track.userid, Replace(value,"''","'XX'") AS value_repFROM prefix_scorm_scoes_track WHERE (((prefix_scorm_scoes_track.element)='cmi.suspend_data'))) AS vid ON prefix_user.id = vid.userid The string contains multiple occurrences of the string patterns '','n' and 'nn' where n is any digit 0-9 which I need to replace with the same string pattern e.g. 'XX', so that the total length of the string as a whole remains the same. I Initially thought that the pattern would always exist as '' or 'nn' so it was relatively simple to use a REPLACE(value,"''","XX") I understand it's not possible to use regex in the REPLACE function and have been investigating the use of PATINDEX with STUFF, but understand this is inly suitable for operating on 1 occurrence of a pattern. The report can be output to a CSV for viewing in Excel, so my conclusion is currently to carry out post-processing with Excel VBA where I will have access to loops and other functions. Is what I am trying to achieve possible without the use of a function on the SQL server?
  8. LAs


    Hello guys, i need some basic info here. I need to build string, which must be builded into "'%name%'", when name is a variable. Using concat, its easy to do that:String myString = "'%" + name + "%'";how to do that with String.format() ?I`m trying to do like: String myString = String.format("'%%s%'", name); << it appears a problem with "%'" tag. how to avoid that ? How to use double %`s in the quotas ?Any suggestions ? Linas.
  9. function keyE(e,n,v) {// some function here}; function editProp(n) {// the caller is a button with function onClick="editProp('userID')"// n = 'userID'var dStr = document.getElementById(n).innerHTML;document.getElementById('f_' + n).innerHTML = '<input type="text" name="i_' + n + '" id="i_userID" value="' + dStr+ '" onkeypress="keyE(event,' + n + ',this.value)" />'; //error heredocument.getElementById('i_' + n).focus();document.getElementById('i_' + n).setSelectionRange(0,dStr.length);} // debug with Mozilla Firefox 15.0.1 Developer Tools The editProp(n) function generate error and I don't know how to fix it. The error is at document.getElementById('f_' + n).innerHTML = '<input type="text" name="i_' + n + '" id="i_userID" value="' + dStr+ '" onkeypress="keyE(event,' + n + ',this.value)" />'; The phrase onkeypress="keyE(event,' + n + ',this.value)" generate error "userID is not defined". userID is a string defined in n variable but it detect it as a variable. How to fix it? Thanks for any help provided.
  10. What I am doing is checking for a null. I think I have not really crafted this properly. The form elements do contain a ' value="" ' in some cases. Should I be checking instead for ""? Do I need to convert window.physichaladdress to a string? This is the target line: if(window.physichaladdress != null) Thanks! <?php?><!DOCTYPE html><html><head><title>My Title</title><script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.5/jquery.min.js"></script><script>$(document).ready(function(){$('#enteraddress').hide();$('#entercoords').hide();$('#theyellow').hide();$("#radio01").click(function() {if ($(this).is(':checked')) { $('#enteraddress').show(); $('#theyellow').show(); $('#entercoords').hide(); }});$("#radio02").click(function() {if ($(this).is(':checked')) { $('#entercoords').show(); $('#theyellow').show(); $('#enteraddress').hide(); }});});</script><script type="text/javascript">function sepysfunction(){window.physichaladdress = document.mymapgetter.physichaladdress.value;window.thelat = document.mymapgetter.thelat.value;window.thelng = document.mymapgetter.thelng.value;if(window.physichaladdress != null) {alert("Alert Sepy!");}</script></head><body><form name="mymapgetter" action="action.php"><div style='border: solid 1px black; margin-bottom: 10px;' id="legaldisclaimer"><h1>Legal Disclaimer:</h1><p></p></body></div><div style='border: solid 1px black; margin-bottom: 10px;' id="locationoptions"><h3>How would you like to enter your location data?</h3><input type="radio" name="radio" value="" id="radio01">By physichal address?</input></br><input type="radio" name="radio" value="" id="radio02">By latitude and longitude?</input></div><div style='border: solid 1px black; margin-bottom: 10px;' id="enteraddress"><h3>Enter your physichal address:</h3></br><input type="text" name="physichaladdress" value="" style="width: 100%;"></input></div><div style='border: solid 1px black;' id="entercoords"><h3>Enter your latitude and longitude:</h3><input type="text" name="thelat" value=""><- Lat.</input><input type="text" name="thelng" value=""><- Lng.</input></div><input type="submit" id="theyellow" value="getmap" style="width: 100%" onClick="sepysfunction()"></input></form></html>