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Found 5 results

  1. CSS grid is considered to be one of the biggest revolution in the web design industry. CSS grid solved a number of commonly experienced web design problems by web designers all over the world. GRID CSS was introduced to work best in cases of full-page layouts where it has even brought considerable opportunity in terms of reordering and structuring for various media queries. Although it is widely observed that the web development London industry has started reshaping faster since the demand for mobile platform increased and still web designing experts have continued to bring further advancements and improvements in the area of existing frameworks and techniques.
  2. ClassicAsca

    How site's admin manage their site ?

    I was just thinking how the site's management panel looks like.I know there are CMSs but besides them how people manage, do they make their own custom admin panel to control the site or what else ? I was just curious how the control panel looks like that's all. Share some screenshots of your site's backend design (off course not the code -- i mean share backend working design/UI looks )
  3. HI, I was trying to figure out about a website & need your help, would anybody please tell me that With What Language/Platform retailmenot.com website has been built ? It's a very big & very famous website,so wanted to learn a bit about that. Language or any platform ? Javascript ? Drupal ? What ? by the way ,I am a novice. Thanks
  4. aniketpunk

    Web Development Essentials

    Hey ..I just finished learning HTML,HTML5 and basics of CSS..I am really interested in Web Developing..I really need your advice on how can I improve my skills..Also list me few certifications required.
  5. nushrath

    website promotion

    hi, friends visit the site http://www.wikiutils.com you will find very good topics and pleasing answers there. more for webdesign, web development, software development, please visit http://www.orangedice.org as their innovation is leading to new trend