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Transition From Client-side To Server-side Functionality

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QUERY: I have recently decided to make the transition from client-side to server-side functionality and would like the forum's insight with regard to the best application to achieve server-side functionality.BACKGROUND: MobileMe of Apple Computer has recently told me that they are freezing all of their .Mac accounts in favor of MobileMe. This means that my entire website will remain visible at the online address, but that I will no longer be able to service any of its content. This leaves two alternatives: transfer all of my files into the new MobileMe domain name or abandon Apple as my online host.Transferring my site's content to the new MobileMe environment would devastate my online presence. Simply leaving it frozen in time in the .Mac domain would be a slow and tragic death. Faced with this choice I have decided to find a new host that permits server-side content. In so doing I will also satisfy an important long-term goal, albeit prematurely -- namely, server-side functionality.Recently I contacted Akamai Technologies and identified a reliable global web-hosting service called Rackspace. They have promised to call me tomorrow with an offer, and I need to be ready. As a dedicated Apple user with a high level of mobility it is probably unwise for me to host my own website on my own computers.CURRENT PREFERENCE: Without any consultation from anyone I would choose PHP, simply because I remember having read that it is both open and free. Moreover, I see it often as an extension when I surf, and it appears to be very popular. This said, I know that there is a lot more out there, and I am very well versed in Adobe's CS3 Master Collection. Finally, I only have until tomorrow to prepare myself. What application would you recommend and why?Roddy

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Go with PHP. I started off doing CF, and CF is great for learning the concepts of database web development and server-side scripting, but its expensive to host your own sites, and imo the CF community isnt very helpful. It seems easier to get help in PHP than CF. Plus, its way closer to JS than CF.

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