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Using <select> as an input

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Hi All,I am trying to use a select box to show file names of any given users account where clicking on any of the select box item would then load the data into flot. I know flot is probably beyond the scope of this forum. What I am trying to do is use <select> as an input type. A tutorial I followed uses the value tag of a select box to store the urls until the OnChange event occurs.http://www.davesite.com/webstation/js/theory1jump.shtmlhowever, the URLs I have are different for every user. I tried creating a value tag set as a variable but that wouldn't work.What i want to do is have a select box that is filed with the sort file names of a users files. When a user clicks on the file name, the data loads. as this pertains to flot, I only know how to load data from a button or a select box. Also note, I'm using coldfussion, and my server doesn't have php. Below, is a (snippet) code for a working input button, and a non-working select box. I would really appreciate any help I can get.

<input class="fetchSeries" type="button" value="First dataset"> -      <a href="<cfoutput>#FileURL#</cfoutput>">data</a> -      <span></span>    </p><!--- Select List box --->		<!--- Populate a SELECT (list box control) --->    <!--- Form is listed for compatability issues. jump2 said location --->		<form name="jump2">		<!--- Files list for user --->        <select 	 class="fetchSeries"		name="jumpBox" 		size="5" 		id="Files"		OnChange="location.href=jump2.jumpBox.options[selectedIndex].value"		value="<cfoutput>#FileURL#</cfoutput>"		multiple>          <cfoutput query="FileListJSON">            <CFIF len(FileListJSON.Name) LE 4>					<cffile					  action = "copy"					  source = "#PathJSON##FileListJSON.Name#" 					 destination = "#PathJSON#NoName.json">					<cffile 					 action = "delete"					  file = "#PathJSON##FileListJSON.Name#">			<CFELSE>				<cfset FileToGraph = LEFT(FileListJSON.Name, len(FileListJSON.Name) - 4)>            	<option value="#FileToGraph#">#FileListJSON.Name#</option>			</CFIF>          </cfoutput>        </select>		</form>

If anyone really wants to be my hero and try using a set test set up I created, goto:http://icn2.umeche.maine.edu/newnav/NewNav...r/LoginForm.cfmlogin with the username: testotpassword: 111111then navigate to http://icn2.umeche.maine.edu/newnav/NewNavigator/e/ajax.cfm

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you may have better lucking posting in (or asking this to get moved to) the coldfusion forum

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