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.NET CodeBox, C# Regex

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Hiya,My first problem is one with System.Text.RegularExpressions. I'm using them to highlight script expressions in a RichTextBox, but I want to be able to highlight certain symbols that define Regex markers. For example, I want to highlight any "[" characters, but I get an error of an unterminated [] set. There's a few others as well.Another question, how would I represent a range as a Regular Expression? For example, currently I am only highlighting single double-quote characters (") on their own, but I want to be able to highlight strings of a range from the first " to the next closing ", something like Regex("[a-z+A-Z]")?Final question, I've seen several applications using a CodeBox sort of thing that highlights code without selecting it, and it also automatically shows line numbers. Another feature is it has + and - controls to maximise and minimise snippets of code such as if statements. It is also generally used with a special file type tab system where tabs can be dragged and dropped and rearranged. I've seen this in Microsoft Visual Studio, Roblox Studio, SciTe, CodeLobster and some others, so I was assuming it was a .NET thing. Is there some way I can use this, and if not is there some way to change word color without selecting code?Thanks

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