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Persistent PHP Variables

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I am using checkboxes to select specific criteria to use within a MySQL query string.


In my case, as long as the checkboxes do not change, I want to keep the previously selected checkbox values, and pass them on to any additional page sorting that's done after the initial checkbox selection process.


I'm already initializing my MySQL query string successfully, using these checkboxes.


But, once I have the data set that I want to work with, I need the ability to re-sort the columns, or refresh the page, based on my initial selection criteria.


But, I have not been able to get the initially selected criteria to "persist", when I sort the columns, after the select has finished.


How can I take the incoming variables, and make them persistent?


How can I take the incoming variables, and pass them to the sort process?


Thanks in advance.



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If you want to use them on multiple PHP pages then you can store the values in the session and check for them on each page. You should be able to find a lot of information about the session online.

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