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Append a string to search query after clicking submit/search button

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In this case, Let's take Google Search as example:The code is JScript .NET, which is basically a .NET version of Javascript. Regardless of language, Anyone with appending type of skill can answer my question.This code is used in Fiddler(It's a Man-in-the-middle proxy)

if (oSession.uriContains("&q=")) // oSession is a Fiddler object session // uriContains() function, checks for case-insensitive string from the URI{   var str = oSession.fullUrl; var sAppend = "test1+test2+test3"; if (!oSession.uriContains(sAppend))  {   oSession.fullUrl = str.replace( "&q=","&q="+sAppend);  }}

For those who are confused, It says, If &q= is present in the URI, replace &q= with &q=test1+test2+test3Problem: It appends test1+test2+test3 instantly, when it sees &q= in the URL.Basically, how do I make it wait until I click the submit/search buttonThank you.Update: I heard about Onsubmit() event, but not really familiar with it. How do I use it? like, should I go to google source page and edit the form id?Also, Any other methods besides Onsubmit()?

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