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database asp not working

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this is the contact form pagea html document

<html><head><link rel = "stylesheet" Type="text/css" HREF = "style.css"><script language="vbscript">function check( )if len(document.form1.Name.value)=0 OR len(document.form1.City.value)=0 OR len(document.form1.comments.value)=0 then Msgbox("Please fll in all the fields because your opinion makes a lot of difference.") else form1.action="addrecord.asp" form1.submit ( ) end ifend function</script></head><body background="214j.gif" Alink = #000000 Vlink=#000000 Link = #000066><P id = "heading"> Contact Us<P> <P id="catch"> <span style=color:#F88017> Your wedding</span> <span style=color:#F88017> Your style.</span><span style=color:#E56717>Our expertise.</span></P><hr id="line" Align=Right Width=25%><hr id="line2" Align=Right Width=15%><h1 style="Font-Family:Chiller;Word-spacing:5;color:#FF0040">We are excited to speak to you! Fill in as many details to help us get to serve you better.<form Method="post" name="form1">Name : <input type = text maxlength=20 name="Name" size = 20><br><br>Fiance Name : <input type = text maxlength=20 name = "Fiance_name" size = 20><br><br><br>Function Date: <input type = Date/Time maxlength=20 name = "Funtion_Date" size = 20><br><br><br>Event: <select style="FONT-family:Lucida Sans name="Event"><option>------------</option><option>Engagement</option><option>Reception</option><option>Pre Wedding Party</option><option>Honeymoon</option><option>Other</option></select><br><br>E-Mail: <input type = memo maxlength=20 name = "E_mail" size = 20><br><br><br>Address: <input type = memo maxlength=20 name = "Add_1" size = 20><br><br>Address : <input type = memo maxlength=20 name = "Add_2" size = 20><br><br>City: <input type = text maxlength=20 name = "City" size = 20> <br><br> Pincode : <input type = Number maxlength=20 name = "Pincode" size = 20><br><br>Mobile Number:<input type = Number maxlength=20 name = "Mobile_no" size = 20><br><br><br>Comments:<textarea style="MARGIN-LEFT:100 ; Margin-Top-20" Wrap = "VIRTUAL" Rows=10 Cols=40 name="comments"></textarea><br><br><br>Would like to be contacted:      <br> <INPUT TYPE=radio name="yes" value="yes"> Yes      <input type =radio name="No" value="No"> No<p><P> <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE="SUBMIT" onClick="check( )" ></h1> </form></body></html>

this is the page it is is getting directed to which is addrecord.asp

<%<script=runat server>Dim objConn, strConn, objRSset objConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")objConn.open"DSN=Data"set objRS=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.RecordSet")objRS.Open"Wedding_Planning_Website",objConn,2 ,2objRS.AddNewobjRS("Name")=Request.Form("Name")objRS("Fiance_name")=Request.Form("Fiance_name")objRS("Function_Date")=Request.Form("Function_Date")objRS("Event")=Request.Form ("Event")objRS("E_mail")=Request.Form("E_mail")objRS("Add_1")=Request.Form("Add_1")objRS("Add_2")=Request.Form("Add_2")objRS("City")=Request.Form("City")objRS("Pincode")=Request.Form("Pincode")objRS("Mobile_no")=Request.Form("Mobile_no")objRS("Comments")=Request.Form("Comments")objRS("Would_you_like_to_be_contacted")=Request.Form("Would_you_like_to_be_contacted")objRS.UpdateobjRS.CloseobjConn.CloseSet objRS=NothingSet objConn=Nothing


this is the area where the record is being displayeddim objConn, strConn, objRSset objConn=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")strconn="DSN=Data"set objRs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.RecordSet")objRS.Open "Wedding_Planning_Website", objConn%>


</head><body Alink = "#000000" Vlink ="#000000" Link="3399CC"><P Id = "heading"> Wedding 'in' style<P><P id = "catch"><span style = color:#F88017> Your Wedding </span><span style = color :#F87217> Your style.</span><span style = color:#E56717> Our expertise.</span></p><hr id = "line" Align = Right Widtd = 25%><hr id = "line2" Align = Right Widtd = 15%><h2 style = "Font-Family:Orlando;Word-spacing:5; color:#000066">Views</h2><center><table Border=1 Cellspacing = 0 cellpadding =15 bordercolor = #CC6600><tr><TH><Font size = 5 face = "Calligrapher"> Name </TH><TH><Font size = 5 face = "Calligrapher"> Fiance_name </TH><TH><Font size = 5 face = "Calligrapher"> Function_Date </TH><TH><Font size = 5 face = "Calligrapher"> Event</TH><TH><Font size = 5 face = "Calligrapher"> E_mail </TH><TH><Font size = 5 face = "Calligrapher">Add_1 </TH><TH><Font size = 5 face = "Calligrapher">Add_2</TH><TH><Font size = 5 face = "Calligrapher"> City</TH><TH><Font size = 5 face = "Calligrapher"> Pincode</TH><TH><Font size = 5 face = "Calligrapher"> Mobile_no</TH><TH><Font size = 5 face = "Calligrapher"> Comments </TH><TH><Font size = 5 face = "Calligrapher">Would_ you_ like_ to_ be_ contacted </TH><% while not objRs.EOF %><tr><td> <Font size = 3 ><%objRs("Name")%>  </td><td> <Font size = 3 ><%objRs("Fiance_name")%>  </td><td> <Font size = 3 ><%objRs("Function_Date")%>  </td><td> <Font size = 3 ><%objRs("Event")%>  </td><td> <Font size = 3 ><%objRs("E_mail ")%>  </td><td> <Font size = 3 ><%objRs("Add_1")%>  </td><td> <Font size = 3 ><%objRs("Add_2")%>  </td><td> <Font size = 3 ><%objRs(" City")%>  </td><td> <Font size = 3 ><%objRs("Pincode")%>  </td><td> <Font size = 3 ><%objRs("Mobile_no")%>  </td><td> <Font size = 3 ><%objRs("Comments")%>  </td><td> <Font size = 3 ><%objRs("Would_ you_ like_ to_ be_ contacted")%>  </td></tr><%objRs.MoveNextWendobjRs.CloseobjConn.CloseSet objConn=NothingSet ObjRs = Nothing</table></script>%>



I need urgent help as the program is not working pls help

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What does "not working" mean? What does it actually do? What does it not do? Are you getting error messages?

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