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XSD Validation Error

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Hi All,
My following XSD is not getting validated. The error message that says: failed to read document etso-code-lists.xsd.
<!-- edited with XMLSpy v2008 sp1 (http://www.altova.com) by Michael Conroy (TEDIOR SARL) --><!-- edited with XML Spy v4.4 (http://www.xmlspy.com) by Michael Conroy (SEMA) --><xsd:schema xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:ecl="etso-code-lists.xsd" xmlns:ecc="etso-core-cmpts.xsd" targetNamespace="etso-core-cmpts.xsd" elementFormDefault="qualified">	<xsd:import namespace="https://www.entsoe.eu/fileadmin/user_upload/edi/library/core/etso-code-lists" schemaLocation="etso-code-lists.xsd"/>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<!--                             ETSO CORE COMPONENTS          V22 R0      -->	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:annotation>		<xsd:documentation>			<Titre>				List of ETSO Core Components which are used in the development of ETSO XML Messages			</Titre>			<Version>Current Version: 22</Version>			<Release>Current Release: 0</Release>			<LastCoreComponent>ET0050</LastCoreComponent>		</xsd:documentation>	</xsd:annotation>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="AreaType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0009</Uid>				<Definition>					A domain covering a number of related objects, such as balance area, grid area, etc.				</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" use="required">			<xsd:simpleType>				<xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">					<xsd:maxLength value="18"/>				</xsd:restriction>			</xsd:simpleType>		</xsd:attribute>		<xsd:attribute name="codingScheme" type="ecl:CodingSchemeType" use="required"/>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="AmountType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0022</Uid>				<Definition>The monetary value of an object</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" use="required">			<xsd:simpleType>				<xsd:restriction base="xsd:decimal">					<xsd:totalDigits value="17"/>				</xsd:restriction>			</xsd:simpleType>		</xsd:attribute>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="CodeType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0023</Uid>				<Definition>the coded representation of an object.</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" use="required">			<xsd:simpleType>				<xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">					<xsd:maxLength value="3"/>				</xsd:restriction>			</xsd:simpleType>		</xsd:attribute>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="ComponentNameType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0046</Uid>				<Definition>					The identification of an attribute for a given Component.				</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" use="required">			<xsd:simpleType>				<xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">					<xsd:maxLength value="70"/>				</xsd:restriction>			</xsd:simpleType>		</xsd:attribute>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="ComponentValueType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0047</Uid>				<Definition>The value of a given component.</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" use="required">			<xsd:simpleType>				<xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">					<xsd:maxLength value="150"/>				</xsd:restriction>			</xsd:simpleType>		</xsd:attribute>		<xsd:attribute name="codingScheme" type="ecl:CodingSchemeType" use="optional"/>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="DateType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0035</Uid>				<Definition>					The gregorian date that must be expressed as: YYYY-MM-DD				</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" type="xsd:date" use="required"/>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="IdentificationType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0001</Uid>				<Definition>					A code to uniquely distinguish one occurrence of an entity from another				</Definition>				.			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" use="required">			<xsd:simpleType>				<xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">					<xsd:maxLength value="35"/>				</xsd:restriction>			</xsd:simpleType>		</xsd:attribute>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="LineType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0050</Uid>				<Definition>					the identification of a line that may be physical or virtual.				</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" use="required">			<xsd:simpleType>				<xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">					<xsd:maxLength value="35"/>				</xsd:restriction>			</xsd:simpleType>		</xsd:attribute>		<xsd:attribute name="codingScheme" type="ecl:CodingSchemeType" use="required"/>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="LongIdentificationType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0043</Uid>				<Definition>					A code to uniquely distinguish one occurrence of an entity from another with a long identifier				</Definition>				.			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" use="required">			<xsd:simpleType>				<xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">					<xsd:maxLength value="150"/>				</xsd:restriction>			</xsd:simpleType>		</xsd:attribute>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="MessageDateTimeType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0006</Uid>				<Definition>					(Synonym "Document Date Time") Date and time of the preparation of a document. The time must be expressed in UTC as: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ				</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" type="xsd:dateTime" use="required"/>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="DateTimeType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0044</Uid>				<Definition>					Date and time of a given time point. The time must be expressed in UTC as: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ				</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" type="xsd:dateTime" use="required"/>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="MeteringPointType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0027</Uid>				<Definition>					A domain covering a number of related objects, such as metering point and accounting point, etc.				</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" use="required">			<xsd:simpleType>				<xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">					<xsd:maxLength value="35"/>				</xsd:restriction>			</xsd:simpleType>		</xsd:attribute>		<xsd:attribute name="codingScheme" type="ecl:CodingSchemeType" use="required"/>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="PartyType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0014</Uid>				<Definition>					The identification of an actor in the Energy market.				</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" use="required">			<xsd:simpleType>				<xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">					<xsd:maxLength value="16"/>				</xsd:restriction>			</xsd:simpleType>		</xsd:attribute>		<xsd:attribute name="codingScheme" type="ecl:CodingSchemeType" use="required"/>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="PositionType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0021</Uid>				<Definition>					(Synonym "pos") A sequential value representing the relative position of an entity within a space such as a time interval				</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" use="required">			<xsd:simpleType>				<xsd:restriction base="xsd:integer">					<xsd:minInclusive value="1"/>					<xsd:maxInclusive value="999999"/>				</xsd:restriction>			</xsd:simpleType>		</xsd:attribute>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="QuantityType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0012</Uid>				<Definition>					(Synonym "qty") The quantity of an energy product. Positive quantities shall not have a sign.				</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" type="xsd:decimal" use="required"/>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="ReasonTextType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0016</Uid>				<Definition>The textual explanation of an act.</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" use="required">			<xsd:simpleType>				<xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">					<xsd:maxLength value="512"/>				</xsd:restriction>			</xsd:simpleType>		</xsd:attribute>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="ResolutionType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0019</Uid>				<Definition>					Defines the number of units of time that compose an individual step within a period. The resolution is expressed in compliance with ISO 8601 in the following format:PnYnMnDTnHnMnS.Where nY expresses a number of years, nM a number of months, nD a number of days.The letter "T" separates the date expression from the time expression and after it nH identifies a number of hours, nM a number of minutes and nS a number of seconds.				</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" type="xsd:duration" use="required"/>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="ResourceObjectType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0034</Uid>				<Definition>					The identification of a resource object in the Energy market.				</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" use="required">			<xsd:simpleType>				<xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">					<xsd:maxLength value="18"/>				</xsd:restriction>			</xsd:simpleType>		</xsd:attribute>		<xsd:attribute name="codingScheme" type="ecl:CodingSchemeType" use="required"/>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:simpleType name="SubValueType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0036</Uid>				<Definition>					The partial identification of an object, which associated with another value provides the complete identification.				</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">			<xsd:maxLength value="35"/>		</xsd:restriction>	</xsd:simpleType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="TextType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0032</Uid>				<Definition>A textual string</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" use="required">			<xsd:simpleType>				<xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">					<xsd:maxLength value="700"/>				</xsd:restriction>			</xsd:simpleType>		</xsd:attribute>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="TimeType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0033</Uid>				<Definition>					The time within a 24 hour day that must be expressed as: HH:MM:SS				</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" type="xsd:time" use="required"/>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="TimeIntervalType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0007</Uid>				<Definition>					The start date and time and the end date and time of an event. The time interval must be expressed in a form respecting ISO 8601 : YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MMZ/YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MMZ.ISO 8601 rules for reduction may apply. The time must always be expressed in UTC.				</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" use="required">			<xsd:annotation>				<xsd:documentation>					ISO 8601 time intervals are always expressed in the form yyyy-mm-ddThh:mmZ/yyyy-mm-ddThh:mmZ Note: The minimum XML form of dateTime is yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ssZ				</xsd:documentation>			</xsd:annotation>			<xsd:simpleType>				<xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">					<xsd:pattern value="(((((20[0-9]{2})[-](0[13578]|1[02])[-](0[1-9]|[12][0-9]|3[01])|([0-9]{4})[-]((0[469])|(11))[-](0[1-9]|[12][0-9]|30))T(([01][0-9]|2[0-3]):[0-5][0-9])Z/)|(([13579][26][02468][048]|[13579][01345789](0)[48]|[13579][01345789][2468][048]|[02468][048][02468][048]|[02468][1235679](0)[48]|[02468][1235679][2468][048]|[0-9][0-9][13579][26])[-](02)[-](0[1-9]|1[0-9]|2[0-9])T(([01][0-9]|2[0-3]):[0-5][0-9])Z/)|(([13579][26][02468][1235679]|[13579][01345789](0)[01235679]|[13579][01345789][2468][1235679]|[02468][048][02468][1235679]|[02468][1235679](0)[01235679]|[02468][1235679][2468][1235679]|[0-9][0-9][13579][01345789])[-](02)[-](0[1-9]|1[0-9]|2[0-8])T(([01][0-9]|2[0-3]):[0-5][0-9])Z/))(((([0-9]{4})-(0[13578]|1[02])[-](0[1-9]|[12][0-9]|3[01])|([0-9]{4})[-]((0[469])|(11))[-](0[1-9]|[12][0-9]|30))T(([01][0-9]|2[0-3]):[0-5][0-9])Z)|(([13579][26][02468][048]|[13579][01345789](0)[48]|[13579][01345789][2468][048]|[02468][048][02468][048]|[02468][1235679](0)[48]|[02468][1235679][2468][048]|[0-9][0-9][13579][26])[-](02)[-](0[1-9]|1[0-9]|2[0-9])T(([01][0-9]|2[0-3]):[0-5][0-9])Z)|(([13579][26][02468][1235679]|[13579][01345789](0)[01235679]|[13579][01345789][2468][1235679]|[02468][048][02468][1235679]|[02468][1235679](0)[01235679]|[02468][1235679][2468][1235679]|[0-9][0-9][13579][01345789])[-](02)[-](0[1-9]|1[0-9]|2[0-8])T(([01][0-9]|2[0-3]):[0-5][0-9])Z)))"/>				</xsd:restriction>			</xsd:simpleType>		</xsd:attribute>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="VersionType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0002</Uid>				<Definition>					A code that distinguishes one evolution of an identified object from another. Information about a specific object may be sent several times, each transmission being identified by a different version number.				</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" use="required">			<xsd:simpleType>				<xsd:restriction base="xsd:integer">					<xsd:minInclusive value="1"/>					<xsd:maxInclusive value="999"/>				</xsd:restriction>			</xsd:simpleType>		</xsd:attribute>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<!--                             ETSO CODE LIST TYPES                                -->	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="AllocationModeType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0040</Uid>				<Definition>					Identification of the method of allocation in an auction.				</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" type="ecl:AllocationModeTypeList" use="required"/>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="AssetType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0031</Uid>				<Definition>Identification of the type of asset</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" type="ecl:AssetTypeList" use="required"/>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="AuctionType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0030</Uid>				<Definition>					The coded representation of different types of auction.				</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" type="ecl:AuctionTypeList" use="required"/>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="BusinessType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0017</Uid>				<Definition>					The exact business nature identifying the principal characteristic of a time series.				</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" type="ecl:BusinessTypeList" use="required"/>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="CategoryType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0037</Uid>				<Definition>The product category of an auction.</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" type="ecl:CategoryTypeList" use="required"/>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="ClassificationType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0013</Uid>				<Definition>					Indicates the classification mechanism used to group a set of objects together. The grouping may be of a detailed or a summary nature				</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" type="ecl:ClassificationTypeList" use="required"/>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="ContractType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0010</Uid>				<Definition>					The contract type defines the conditions under which the capacity is allocated and handled. EG: daily auction, weekly auction, monthly auction, yearly auction, etc. The significance of this type is dependent on area specific coded working methods				</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" type="ecl:ContractTypeList" use="required"/>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="CurrencyType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0024</Uid>				<Definition>					The coded identification of legal tender using ISO 4217 3 alpha codes				</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" type="ecl:CurrencyTypeList" use="required"/>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="CurveType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0042</Uid>				<Definition>					The type of curve being defined in the time series.				</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" type="ecl:CurveTypeList" use="required"/>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="DirectionType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0026</Uid>				<Definition>					The coded identification of the direction of energy flow.				</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" type="ecl:DirectionTypeList" use="required"/>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="DocumentType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0045</Uid>				<Definition>					(Synonym "Message Type") The coded type of a document. The document type describes the principal characteristic of a document				</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" type="ecl:MessageTypeList" use="required"/>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="EicType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0028</Uid>				<Definition>					The coded identification of the type of an EIC code.				</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" type="ecl:EicTypeList" use="required"/>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="EnergyProductType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0008</Uid>				<Definition>					The identification of the nature of an energy product such as Power, energy, reactive power, etc.				</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" type="ecl:EnergyProductTypeList" use="required"/>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="IndicatorType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0029</Uid>				<Definition>					A boolean indicator to express Yes or No or True or False				</Definition>				.			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" type="ecl:IndicatorTypeList" use="required"/>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="MessageType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0003</Uid>				<Definition>					(Synonym "Document Type") The coded type of a document. The document type describes the principal characteristic of a document. note this code is decrecated and should no longer be used in new messages (use documentType instead))				</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" type="ecl:MessageTypeList" use="required"/>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="ObjectAggregationType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0018</Uid>				<Definition>					The identification of the domain that is the common dominator used to aggregate a time series.				</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" type="ecl:ObjectAggregationTypeList" use="required"/>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="PaymentTermsType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0041</Uid>				<Definition>					The terms which dictate the determination of the bid payment price.				</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" type="ecl:PaymentTermsTypeList" use="required"/>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="PriceCategory">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0048</Uid>				<Definition>					The category of a price to be used in a price calculation. Note: the price category is mutually agreed between System Operators				</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" type="ecl:PriceCategoryTypeList" use="required"/>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="PriceDirection">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0049</Uid>				<Definition>					The nature of a price (i.e.an Impacted Area System Operator pays to internal Market Parties or inverse).				</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" type="ecl:PriceDirectionTypeList" use="required"/>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="ProcessType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0020</Uid>				<Definition>					Indicates the nature of process that the document addresses.				</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" type="ecl:ProcessTypeList" use="required"/>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="QualityType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0036</Uid>				<Definition>The quality of an object.</Definition>			</xsd:documentation>		</xsd:annotation>		<xsd:attribute name="v" type="ecl:QualityTypeList" use="required"/>	</xsd:complexType>	<!-- _________________________________________________ -->	<xsd:complexType name="ReasonCodeType">		<xsd:annotation>			<xsd:documentation>				<Uid>ET0015</Uid>				<Definition>The coded motivation of an act.</Definition>				>		</xsd:documentation>	</xsd:annotation>	<xsd:attribute name="v" type="ecl:ReasonCodeTypeList" use="required"/></xsd:complexType><!-- _________________________________________________ --><xsd:complexType name="RightsType">	<xsd:annotation>		<xsd:documentation>			<Uid>ET0038</Uid>			<Definition>				The rights of use that is accorded to what is acquired in an auction..			</Definition>			>	</xsd:documentation></xsd:annotation><xsd:attribute name="v" type="ecl:RightsTypeList" use="required"/></xsd:complexType><!-- _________________________________________________ --><xsd:complexType name="RoleType">	<xsd:annotation>		<xsd:documentation>			<Uid>ET0005</Uid>			<Definition>Identification of the role played by a party.</Definition>		</xsd:documentation>	</xsd:annotation>	<xsd:attribute name="v" type="ecl:RoleTypeList" use="required"/></xsd:complexType><!-- _________________________________________________ --><xsd:complexType name="TarifTypeType">	<xsd:annotation>		<xsd:documentation>			<Uid>ET0039</Uid>			<Definition>				The standard tarif types as defined in the UCTE policies.			</Definition>		</xsd:documentation>	</xsd:annotation>	<xsd:attribute name="v" type="ecl:TarifTypeTypeList" use="required"/></xsd:complexType><!-- _________________________________________________ --><xsd:complexType name="StatusType">	<xsd:annotation>		<xsd:documentation>			<Uid>ET0025</Uid>			<Definition>				The condition or position of an object with regard to its standing.			</Definition>		</xsd:documentation>	</xsd:annotation>	<xsd:attribute name="v" type="ecl:StatusTypeList" use="required"/></xsd:complexType><!-- _________________________________________________ --><xsd:complexType name="UnitOfMeasureType">	<xsd:annotation>		<xsd:documentation>			<Uid>ET0011</Uid>			<Definition>				(synonym MeasurementUnit) The unit of measure that is applied to a quantity. The measurement units shall be in compliance with UN/ECE Recommendation 20.			</Definition>		</xsd:documentation>	</xsd:annotation>	<xsd:attribute name="v" type="ecl:UnitOfMeasureTypeList" use="required"/></xsd:complexType><!-- ___________________________________________________________ --><!-- ___________________________________________________________ --></xsd:schema>
But if I open in browser etso-code-lists.xsd, i can see the imported xsd.
Please note, the "etso-code-lists.xsd" is not located on my local machine, but at the namespace and schemaLocation referenced, i.e. "https://www.entsoe.eu/fileadmin/user_upload/edi/library/core/etso-code-lists.xsd"
I am not sure how to reference the file locally. It should work with a url reference as well?
I am using a free online XSD validator tool "www.utilities-online.info/xsdvalidation/#.VNjOzvnF_eU"


Could someone please help?

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