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I have my first real contract for my school class and the client is from a Therapy company (It's a kind of competition between all students and we can win money at the end). She want a way for people to chat/call with them via Skype and I would like your advice, because I don't really know how it could work. Patient should pay before the appointment.


So my idea was to create a Skype link where it goes on a page explaining how it work and that they need to contact the company first to have a link to pay via paypal and to have the date of the appointment. After that, I don't know how the link to the Skype account should work. I don't want patient to use this link to contact them every days.


Do you have an idea?


I found a plugin to make appointment online and pay at the same times, but I really don't know how I could integrate Skype.


Thank you


PS: I'm using Wordpress.

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I'm not sure how Skype URLs work, you would need to check the documentation for Skype, but I don't think that you can make a time-sensitive URL. Maybe it's possible though, the documentation should say.

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