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Delete row from html table using ajax,php and sql

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I need delete row in html table select row and click button delete make delete using ajax Currentally can make delete without ajax but I need delete row and stay on page without make submit on other page


code html,php


$resualt=mssql_query("SELECT * FROM Address where user_id='$UserId' ") ;echo "<table border='1' class='imagetable' id='imagetable'width='400px' >n";echo '<thead>'.'<tr>';echo '<th>Street</th>'.'<th>Quarter</th>'.'<th>From</th>'.'<th>To</th>'.'<th>Notes</th>';echo '</tr>'.'</thead>';echo '<tbody>';while ($row = mssql_fetch_assoc($resualt)) {$fromDate=$row['from_date'];$toDate=$row['to_date'];echo " <tr onClick='myPopup($row[id])'". ( $_GET['id'] == $row['id'] ? "style='background-color: green;'":"").">n"."<td >{$row['street']} </td>n"."<td>{$row['quarter']}</td>n"."<td>$fdate2</td>n"."<td>$tdate2</td>n"."<td>{$row['other_info']}</td>n";}echo '</tbody>';echo "</table>n";?>

//button delete <?phpecho"<a class='button-link' href='delete_address.php?id=$id'>delete</a>";



code sql to make delete from db

<?php$idEmploye=$_GET['id'];$db_host = 'jo';$db_username = 'jo1';$db_password = '123321';$db_name = 'db_test';mssql_connect($db_host, $db_username, $db_password);mssql_select_db($db_name);mssql_query("DELETE FROM AddressWHERE id='$idEmploye' ; ") or die(mssql_error()) ;echo '<script language="javascript">';echo 'alert("successfully deleted ")';echo '</script>';echo "<script>setTimeout("location.href ='address.php';",10); </script>"; ?>

Any Help Thanks

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Have you looked at any ajax tutorials to get started? Note that your code is open to SQL injection attacks. If you go to delete_address.php?id=%27+OR+%271%27%3D%271 then it will delete everything in the address table. If you go to delete_address.php?id=%27%3B+DROP+TABLE+Address%3B+-- then it will remove the entire address table from the database.

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