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regular expression trouble

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I have a really hard time understanding how to write regular expressions..even when looking at examples. I am trying to match a (word)(3-4 digit number)(anotherword) for example "firstname4343lastname". I need to make sure it is in that format. I've been trying many different things, but here is the most recent:




Any help is appreciated. Also, I will need to extract the number after confirming the format, any advice as to the best / most efficient way to do that would also be a really big help right now.


Thank you everyone




The JSFiddle is sort of a bad example, just to clarify: The "firstname" and "lastname" are actually meant to be fixed words... it is something like worda2738wordb the number is variable.

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This works:

var reg = /firstnamed{2,4}lastname/i

The main problem is probably that you have to escape the backslash since it's inside a string. If you make a literal regular expression you won't encounter that problem. In simpler terms, if it's between quotation marks, d needs to be d

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