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W3CSS - Add new class to spin an object in reverse direction

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Hi there,Love the W3CSS for a lightweight material design and easy responsiveness.

Working on it for few days and thinking to contribute.So here is my thought for using .w3-spin class to spin something mostly the icons in reverse direction. I fork this spin class to .w3-spin-reverse which is working perfectly for a spin in reverse direction.

.w3-spin-reverse {animation:w3-spin-reverse 2s infinite linear;-webkit-animation:w3-spin-reverse 2s infinite linear}@-webkit-keyframes w3-spin-reverse{0%{-webkit-transform:rotate(0deg);transform:rotate(0deg);}100%{-webkit-transform:rotate(-359deg);transform:rotate(-359deg);}}@keyframes w3-spin-reverse {0%{-webkit-transform:rotate(0deg);transform: rotate(0deg);}100%{-webkit-transform:rotate(-359deg);transform:rotate(-359deg);}}

Check out the demo @ http://goo.gl/KsXea9Hope this might help improve this beautiful framework work other folks who really love this.Thanks.

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