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Pasting text from clipboard into posting textarea in InternetExplorer not possible?

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Sometimes I need to post some code from a file into a posting textarea here.


This is NOT possible in InternetExplorer v11 (under 64bit Win 7).


I have always start Firefox to do this.


w3schools forum is almost the only forum where I have to use another browser.


Why does the psoting form not accept pasting from clipboard?


I used:


- Ctrl+C

- there icons in the editor pane

- enabled "compatibily view" in IntExp.


Nothing works.


I guess its an error in the posting procedure from w3schools.


Please setup a useful editor.


Thank you




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Pasting works fine for me in IE11, although the text area doesn't always keep focus. I can use Ctrl-V, right-click and select paste, or use the icons. It works for me in both WYSIWYG mode and BBcode mode.

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