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Feedback on my site's design?

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I made my site www.mikroviologos.gr without any cms with the valuable help of w3schools lessons and this forum (I had almost no knowledge of html, css, javascript, php, mysql before). My site functions as it should but I think I don't like my design so much.

Of course I still have no logo, but the rest of the design seems too simple and maybe old fashioned. Of course I would not like something very modern..

My problem is I can't decide what is wrong and what should I change.. I think I don't like the main picture being so big, but if I made it smaller, it would be narrower than the text.


Please feel free to make any comment, not only about the design.


Thank you!!

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Its a very clean layout.  I can't read the language but its organized well.  A simple logo would go a long ways.

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It does have a Classic, professional look.

A logo would improve the site.
And the Navbar is a little long on a Mobile Device.

Your CSS and HTML does not contain any errors.

You yourself however, want it to look different.
That has to do with personal taste. First you should have a design in your mind, then make or remake the site.
Something many people experience is that they dislike their own work, while it is in reality not that bad. ;)

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It reminds me of a landing page for a parked domain ...  Oldschool ... rigid ... clean but not fit for the modern internet surfer who prefers mobile friendly pages optimized for scrolling ... 

You'd be surprised at how simply coded a good mobile optimized website can be that also looks good on desktop.... 

In my opinion, its the logo, content, and images within the content that have the most power to engage the visitor.

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