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How to disable "window.print()" CSS modifications?

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Assume I have a web page which loocks pretty well for printing.

Now when I really click File--->print menu in Firefox

the whole page is printed but with big, fat margins around it. Furthermore some (logo) picture replacements take place.

I don't want this! I want to print the page just as I can see it right now in browser.


I guess there are some hidden "@media print" CSS statements but I cannot find them in Firebug.

So is there a way to bypass all further CSS+Javascript modifications after call of window.print()?

How do I find out where and why the currently visible layout is changed for print?




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If they are default, then that could be problem, they ade wide by default, 1 is not pixel unit but cm or inch, you also have option to show images or not, top and bottom page headings etc.

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