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In JavaScript, Displaying Pressed button's Number and it's identification

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Here my question is how to print/display the numbers from pressed buttons(as shown in figure) using JavaScript. However, here I am working on a device and we have to control it from JavaScript. Below I have mentioned my code(.js) snippet:

// Numbers function
function Numbers(cmd)
System.Print("Command Sent is: "+cmd);
var num = cmd;
System.Print("Button pressed is: "+num);

// Displaying Numbers
function Display()
dbgPrint("Displaying number: " + num);

And parameters for this function I am passing from some other file(.xml) as standard.

<function name="Display" export="Display">
<parameter name="display" type="string" description="Drag and drop this for clear-button function.">
<function name="Numbers" export="Numbers">
<parameter name="command" type="mcinteger" description="Drag and drop this command for Numbers.">
<choice name="1" value="1"/>
<choice name="2" value="2"/>
<choice name="3" value="3"/>
<choice name="4" value="4"/>
<choice name="5" value="5"/>
<choice name="6" value="6"/>
<choice name="7" value="7"/>
<choice name="8" value="8"/>
<choice name="9" value="9"/>
<choice name="0" value="0"/>



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Here I have uploaded one more image, I hope that this will give you full clarity about my project.

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One problem with that code is that the variable num is not defined inside the Display function, so you're passing an undefined value to Numbers.  How do you call those functions from the interface though, how are those buttons and the click handlers defined?

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