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z-index despite position: relative not working?

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Dear potential helpers,

I try to darken the foreground of my website using a background-color.

I created a div which wraps all my other HTML stuff, applied position: relative; to it and a very great z-Index of 999.
All my other elements have a z-index of 100 or lower. Why isn't my div not shown in front of the other stuff?

In case the background-color of my div foreground is only shown behind all the other elements inside it.

Here is my HTML: 

      <div id="foreground">
          <!-- All my other HTML stuff having relative positioning and z-index 100 or less -->

Here is my CSS:

	position: relative;
	z-index: 999;
	display: block;
	background-color: red;

Maybe u guys have any idea what the matter with this one. Thank you!

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Because the child elements z-index level can only be in relation to other sibling elements within the parent, the parent container z-index can only be relative to elements of same sibling level.

Therefore you will need to create a sibling (NOT element that surrounds these siblings) child element (using position: absolute;), that will fill the area of the parent and apply a higher z-index level higher than its siblings.

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