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Lightbox or not?

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when clicking on an image in my gallery, I would like to have something like that:


1. White or black background

2. Big image (fullscreen or not, depend of height)

3. Left and right button to navigate between images.


I know a lightbox can make that very easy, but I’m not really sure it’s possible to add a custom information overlay like I want. I know some lightbox can show information under the image, but my idea was to have a camera icon and when you click on it more informations are appearing. In my mockup it’s wrong since the icon and info should be in the middle to avoid getting out of image if portrait or landscape.

I thought about a carousel... do you think it can do that? The only problem is that I can’t have a gallery + carousel since if you click on an image, it will not directly go to that image in the carousel page (which have to load images again).

How can I achieve that?

I currently use Wordpress, so I’m not sure how to do that in both coding or via plugin.


thank you

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