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Help with Drop down Nav Bar

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Hi all,

I do not know anything about HTMl/CSS/ coding in general. I'm currently trying to make a drop down menu for an existing nav bar. The website (realgeeks.com) is the platform I am using and their site comes with a built in nav bar. The only thing I need to do is somehow make the drop down menu which I would plug into the source code. What kind of code would I have to use in this instance? Is it even do-able for someone with no coding knowledge/experience?

I've found lots of info on building drop down nav bars from scratch but since the website comes with a nav bar, those threads aren't helpful for me (at least I don't think so?).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

nav bar page.png

nav bar homepage.png

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If the from-scratch tutorials didn't make much sense to you, I'm afraid you can forget about turning an existing menu into a drop-down one. That's more difficult than building one from the ground up.

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AT the moment the whole menu is made up of just anchor links alone! The back-end must be able to produce sub-menu html in the first place, either with the whole menu moving towards the older unordered list structure approach or newer button and div approach. Without it its going to be pretty much impossible, unless you use JavaScript cloning, and creating of these sub-menus html.  Once you have this setup the presentational css side is much easier.

If these links are saved to a database, and these links are produced dynamically, to incorporate sub-menus you must have a parent menu identifier field within the database, so you can identify the parent the sub-menu belongs, to create the necessary html dynamically.

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