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jquery .trigger() add extra parameters to the event type

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I have this code

<button class="btn btn-info" onclick="BatchAsign()">Batch</button>

<button class="asign_btn" onclick="Asign({a:'1', b:'2'}, this)">Asign1</button>
<button class="asign_btn" onclick="Asign({a:'2', b:'6'}, this)">Asign2</button>
<button class="asign_btn" onclick="Asign({a:'5', b:'4'}, this)">Asign3</button>

function BatchAsign(){
	$.each( $('.asign_btn'), function( key, val ) {
		$(this).trigger( "click", ['all'] )
function Asign(arr, dom, x)
  if(x == 'all'){
    // I want do something

When I click BatchAsign button, I want pass a extra parameters to Asign.

I used console.log(x), it's display 'undefined'.

How can I get string 'all' in the function Asign?


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The jQuery documentation for trigger seems to imply that you need to use the on method or one of its shortcuts to assign the event handler.  That might mean it's not going to work correctly by using event attributes.

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Use a custom data- attribute on 'asign_btn' class to add to and store the value 'all' when batch button clicked, then use dom parameter to retrieve that value from that specific data attribute.

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