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My function to set the selected option not working

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I have created a file called tenders-update.php which allows the user to update an existing record.
One of the fields (a select element called "type") is on this page.
I have defined an array of available options for the type as follows:

   $options = array ('Construction' => 'Construction',  'Goods' => 'Goods',  'Services' => 'Services');

I have also written a function which takes the $options array and the $type variable:

MakeTypeOpts($options, $type)

When I run this page, the select list contains the contents of the $options variable over and over and the $type variable is not selected.
I am trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong here.





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I don't see anything in that code which would cause that, but you can have it print out the array of options or other things to verify what it's doing.

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