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Conquering Direct Access to the Matomo Web-Appliecation without Compromising Security

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Actually when I look at the response for that current_visitor_ip.php page, the IP it shows is not the one that is displayed on the page, and it's also not my IP.  It's another one in California.  I bet your server is hosted in California and it's recording its own IP when you're using cURL.

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You are not the only one to complain about connectivity with my host server.  I have also been suffering significant delays.  In any case, I sent that portion of the above entry to Lunarpages and asked that they look into the problem.

In regard to the authorization token, it is not the information per se that I am concerned about; rather, it is how the information is interpreted and by whom.  My goal is to present Grammar Captive in the best way possible -- not to stand naked before the world.  I am going through a lot of trouble to explain each statistic that I present.  Did you not click on any of the variable names?

I, too, have noted that the splash panel is resource-intensive, but its value as an introductory tool has yet to be tested.  Certainly it is one of my priorities. Also, it should not appear, but once in any single session, and return users know to dump it just as you have already learned to do.  Eventually, I will squelch it automatically via a cookie and counter after the third return visit. 

Did you not read the casual FAQ that goes with the Looking Glass?   It responds well to your very criticism.  By the way, your IP address is obtained  indirectly via the Matomo reporting API; it is only one of many pieces of information returned when the relevant request is sent to Matomo.  It is that delay, in part, that i am seeking to eliminate via direct PHP functional calls.



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