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Inserting a Higher Software Version

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BACKGROUND:  I would like to insert a jQuery UI widget into my code.  In order to make the widget work, however, it appears to require a more recent version of jQuery.  Should I implement the widget, the HTML in which it resides, the controlling Javascript including the new version of jQuery, as well as the CSS would all be called dynamically when the widget is inserted.  My concern is that the new inserted version of jQuery might interfere with the rest of the page not included in the insert.

QUESTION:  Do I have reason to be concerned?  Please explain your answer.

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Note that whichever version you include last will overwrite any other version, so if you want to use a particular version for something special then you should include it before your other version and save the reference.  If you are dynamically adding a new version at some later point when some event happens, it's probably going to override your main version, so in that case you need to save a reference to your main version and use that reference in your code.

Of course, it would be preferable to use plugins that will work in a recent version, but for older things that's not always possible.

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