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Hi everyone, just wanted to say hi and how much i DON'T KNOW,,,,   but i'mhaivng a blast. 

I work as a hair stylist here in LALA LAND,,,   and i like "playing around" on my website - it relaxes my brain.  

But I am "piece-milling" a lot and I notice things (code) gets stepped on from time to time.  

when I'm coding or trying to add a polaroid effect - or two columns (or whatever)   do I always need to do the  <!doctype> commands at the top of each code section?  I could probably use a basic tutorial,,,, but so far I think I'm doinng ok.    Nice to say hello here.  Thanks everyone. 





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An HTML page has a single doctype declaration.  If you have more than one on the page you're doing something wrong.  The doctype describes the entire page, not a single section.

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