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space between columns of a table

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Hi Friends,

I don't actually know if the solution for this is going to be in the CSS or the HTML, so I apologize if I'm putting this in the wrong board.

I'm trying to find a way to put space between the columns of a table (or horizontal space within or between the cells), without adding space between the rows (or vertical space within or between cells).

For example, I have the table 100% width, 5 columns, 20% each.  But the text goes right to the edge of the cells.  There aren't any borders in this table.  I've been searching through the HTML and CSS areas of w3schools.com.

I found padding, but that puts space around all sides of each cell.  I found padding left and padding right, but it looks like that's only for the paragraph <p>.  I tried putting the contents of each cell in a <p>.  But that adds an extra line space to the cell, and I'm trying to avoid adding vertical space.

I found cell spacing, but again, it adds space around all sides of each cell.

I'm thinking about adding 4 columns between, so for example, I might have 5 columns of 17 or 18%, and a 2 or 3% wide column in between them (which would not have any text, but maybe a couple of nbsp).  But I'm not sure if that's the best idea.

Is there a better way to achieve the extra horizontal space with creating extra vertical spacea?

Thank you very much!

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Oh, I didn't see any example where the padding was having 2 values.  I only found examples of padding with one value.

But thank you.  I will use that!

Thanks again!

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