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HTML page containing Google Fonts accessed on Android

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I have written an HTML page containing Google Fonts.

When this HTML page is accessed on a Windows PC, the various Google Fonts used display differences correctly.

However, when I access the web page on Android, all the used Google Fonts appear the same.

I there a problem with HTML pages containing Google Fonts accessed on Android? If so, how do I fix it?

Please note that I'm not asking about Android apps. Only about HTML pages accessed on Android.

In fact, even as far as standard fonts are concerned (non-Google fonts), an HTML page displayed on Android , renders only basic San-serif, basic Serif and basic monospace. No other font is recognized. Therefore, what should the approach be for font-selection for HTML pages, in general?


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Usually font discrepancies indicate that the fonts specified on a website, aren't installed on the machine you're viewing it on. This is usually prevalent if you're specifying a font, but not including the font library on your webpage for those that don't have it.

However, you stated that you're using google fonts. How are you linking these? Can you create a small example of this? I suspect that your link may have something wrong with it (Maybe a typo or something). 

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The page displays its fonts correctly on a PC, but Google fonts (or even standard web fonts for that matter)  aren't displayed correctly on Android.

This indicates the syntax used to specify the fonts is correct; else it wouldn't have worked on PC.

The requested fonts don't appear when the HTML page is invoked on Android.



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You don't have a setting on device or browser/s that prevents custom web fonts for speed purposes? You might be using a speed booster app that prevent access and so use device/browser defaults.

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