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Becoming a member here and then but asking a question directly, in this bad maze of files here, I'm making the biggest of what I already know here on this site, my compliments for all this here.

But my question is the following, I am working with a multitude of files to get my pages full on all existing media, I have brought in a menu of which the background (photo) is completely filling on all the media, but the problem that I have my txt files underneath is not a problem in itself, but I want to scroll my txt files over my background and that my background stays stuck, I also use a special mobile menu of which only the button remains visible at least on all the mobile media, (not on large screens but that is not so important) I have tried everything that I have already tried but here is as much as I can not find what I would like. So my question to you is there something for this problem and if it is there you could send the link to me ...

Thank you in advance for your time taken,
In anticipation of your reaction I will stay with kind regards ..

Willem Wassink

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