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Max Castril

MySQL change column

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Hi there

I am using MySQL in "phpmyadmin.eu.ionos.host" and want to change a column to 'UNIQUE' as I don't want to accidentally fill the table with repeat data using an erroneous php loop and each image must be unique.

The table is:  

2        Image           char(200)            utf8_unicode_ci         

SQL won't let me change the column to 'UNIQUE' as it says that there is a duplicate column 'Image'.  The phpmyadmin SQL seems to be trying to add another column, which is what I dont want.

1and1 have very recently changed their software and there seem to be a lot of gremlins in it.  Any comments??





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ALTER TABLE tablename ADD UNIQUE (Image);

Should be enough, where 'tablename' is the name of the table with 'Image' column in it.

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