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How to know W3CSS is working or not ?

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1) i have the w3.css file correctly uploaded.

2) My html code correctly points to the css file.

3) my HTML validates in an online validator.

Basically, ive been re-doing an entire page/site with using W3css now. Ive added the heading / title part of the HTML - & that is correct - using containers. However the visible output is NOT using w3css. Its just using regular HTML (& not doing what i want.)

is there a check I can use   online to validate the W3css code ? Ive got four or so other sides that follow the same format as im using now & they display correctly.

ALSO - If the (visible) 'header' part is using W3 correctly, but there are problems below, should the top be displayed correctly ? or is the whole thing broken. ? 

Edit: http://newtib.kwister.com/login



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Is my CSS file being delivered in a format OTHER than text ?  ive copied the css file & HTML/W3CSS coding from a working subdomain - so it should work 

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