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Promises in Javascript

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Hello guys

I have been learning and using Javascript for sometime now I have met a situation where I have  3 functions, where one has to wait for one another to finish executing the after they finished executing I have to go to some block of code. This 3 functions take some time to execute as they even have some database queries so they become left out so I heard thios can be fixed by promises but please help how can I use promises in this situation. Make simple code snippents please.


//create array of events

event = [];


//first function

go to shop()

    if gone to shop is true

           add to array of events that I have gone to shop


// second function

buy the shoes()

       if bought shoes is true

                 add to array of event that I have bought shoes

//third function

come back home()

     if came back to home is true

          add to array of events that came back


//then check if array of events is empty

if(eventsArray.lenght > 0)

     return that some function came true


     return none succeded




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Why not just wrap that last block of code in a function that you call whenever you're trying to check for events?

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