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variables into pdo query without binding

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Thought I could alter a table with a pdo query and binding. Apparently not.

Is there a way to use a pdo query to alter a table without binding using some kind of variable?  if so, what would a simple example look like?

Else, I'll use mysqli.   

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Without a binding? You might be able to use a prepared query like this.

$stmt = $dbh->prepare("SELECT * FROM REGISTRY WHERE name = ? AND id = ?");
if ($stmt->execute(array($name, $id))) {

If you want to see the other ways (mostly binding) you can check it out on the doc page:


Although I'm perplexed as to why it is imperative to not use a binding.

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Certain elements in queries can't have placeholders, like the LIMIT clause. I haven't tested, but it's probable that ALTER can't have placeholders either since MySQL needs to know the table structure when preparing queries because it uses the data types of the fields to determine how to sanitize the data. If you find yourself having to give the user the ability to alter tables then your database structure may be badly designed.

If it is important that you alter tables with variables in the query, you can just put the variables into the SQL string itself, making sure to have carefully sanitized them beforehand.

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 then your database structure may be badly designed

Not badly designed (yet).  Bad approach!

Many thanks to the fox and Funce.  

Found this link and learned more about PDO investigating PDO rules.



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