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Robert Moskowitz

Italics within a textarea

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I want to italicize on word in a textarea.  Something like:

  .copy-area {
    margin-bottom: 2em;
  .copy-area textarea {
  	border:1px solid black;
	font-family: verdana,tahoma,'Bitstream Vera Sans','DejaVu Sans',arial,helvetica,sans-serif;

<div class="copy-area">
<textarea id="box44"

The italics tag worked fine in the old way I did things, but not surprisingly it does not work in my proper CSS style.

So how do I change just a part of my text's font to italics?

And, yes, this is the 44th textarea in this one howto and still more to convert.


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I think you will find it can only done as you already trìed or using similar  formatting code as bbcode, which used here when posting topics [ i ]italics[/ i ] [ b ]Bold[/ b ] (without spaces)

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The square brackets, fqdn does not work in the textarea.

It would be nice, but I think the key here is that the is a textarea tag and all text is treated, well as text!

Possibly some javascripting could stuff some replacement content into the textarea.


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