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Having a Brain ( Senior Moment )

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I've run the same website for over 20 years. Now, it has pretty much ran it's life. Long story as to why. My question is though, and W3Schools has helped in the past with my questions is:

I currently use index.html as a home or start page. I want to put up a short message stating the site will be going down at the end of August. I prefer it to be the first page to appear when accessed.  How would I implement this?

I originally thought just change page names..swap the single message page( I temporarily named rip.html, with index.html. But then thought that won't work..as index.html.index is in evety directory.

It's an old school html, I have no CSS that would make it simpler.

I'm open for ideas, And Thank You

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If all of the files are static then your only option is to change the actual files.  You can use some Javascript to display some sort of message and set a cookie or something in localStorage to say not to show it again.

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