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Sections within <td> of a table

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I'm kind of dealing with an issue and I have no idea how to solve this...hoping someone would. I'm making a pdf report with HTML, doing this because it will allow the report generation to be automated.
In any case, I'm only able to use HTML - no CSS. So please don't provide solutions in CSS, cause I have read them all and unfortunately, the system we use to automate does not recognise CSS.

So here is the problem. I have a table set-up in on the pdf page so it looks like this:

Column 1 (25%)         Column 2 (75%)
[picture]                       cell with picture and text
text                               cell with picture and text
                                      cell with picture and text
footer text                  footer cell with picture and text                

I have set this up with a range of tables within tables (if there are suggestions on how to do this better with ONLY HTML would love to hear them?!)

The problem

I'd like to make sure the footer parts in each of the columns are always at the bottom of the column whilst the rest should be aligned at the top.
As of now, I've used multiple <br> to create breaks there and I was wondering if there is a better way to do this?

Thanks for reading! Hope you know of a solution!

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Without seeing your HTML I can't give a specific solution. I would expect the tables to automatically keep things in line. You can use rowspan to make one cell take up multiple rows.

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