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php pregmatch to filter specific number

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Hello everyone,

I had used pregmatch to filter code calling with this code :

    		echo 'sorry you cannot use +61 to enter phone number use 123xxxx instead';

it would filter if user giving number +61xxxxxx , but if they put number 2222222 it wouldn't filter and this is correct,

the problem actually when user put number leading with 1 for example 12345678 it would filter or displaying echo.

Q : How to filter so that when user put +61xxx  only not 1xxxxx it would be run?

Note : I provided input field so that user put their number only not with calling code.


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[61] matches either 6 OR 1 at the beginning. You may want to double check some of your regex.

If you want to avoid having something start with +61 then you can just do this



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