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.m4a music file as iframe src

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I made a lyrics website for a cd that I like, and at the bottom of each page file I have an iframe with the src of that song so that you can play it as you read the lyrics. The file loads into the iframe and quicktime takes over and gives it's menu for stoping/playing etc. The problem is that once I've uploaded the page and the song onto a server, whenever I go to the site it prompts me if I want to download that song, instead of playing it through the iframe. Does anyone know how to fix this?

...<iframe src="music_file.m4a" height="18px" width="320px"></iframe>...

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Does the browser have a plug-in for handling the file? If not, that could be the problem. Either that, or you told IE* to not play files in the browser.*IE normally shows IFRAMES, some programs like Firefox recently have added IFRAME support. Please check this... because I assume IE.

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