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  2. i usually recap from w3schools reference and i found that <data> tag is not supported on safari but i had to recheck it and i found it now fully supported
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  4. Is your website live? If you send me a link I could maybe help you select the menu bar.
  5. I found a solution for the problem. The issue was that in the function getCursorPos(e) there is this line of code that returns NaN when the user is using a touch screen instead of a mouse. x = e.pageX - a.left This was because e.pageX doesn't work with touch and returns NaN. I needed to use e.touches[0].clientX instead. So I wrote an IF statement that was checking if the user has a touch device. If so then I used the e.touches[0].clientX, if not I used e.pageX to find the coordinate. Below is the complete function with the changes: function getCursorPos(e) { var a, x = 0;
  6. Hi, I have this mega menu that can be hovered over the parent items. When hover over a parent item on top of the screen the view with sub-items is shown. Unfortunately this screen is not shown on top of the wepage that contains an image with a textblock. I get the feeling that it is behind the the image on the page instead off on top. Does anybody have any idea what is causing this issue? The code I use you can find in the attached html file. menu-test-w3.html
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  8. Hi, I need W3School offline version for learning purpose how can I get.
  9. A body selector should work fine. Something like this: body { border-top: 4px solid #3c4043; }
  10. This example of an image comparison slider isn't working with touchscreens even though it is supposed to. I don't understand why. Sometimes it will move just a bit but most of the times not at all. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  11. In CSS the last identical selector always overrides the previous selectors styling if properties values are changed. Just add additional class of 'columns-style1' so class ref will be class="navbar columns-style1" Then apply different styling to that class ref.
  12. Hi Everyone, I'm new. I'm working on a personal corporate website (crowconsulting.io) and I'm having trouble putting a border on the top of my site. Basically, I just want the top of my site to have a #3c4043 colored bar above the header just to provide some contrast. I'm decent with the WordPress CSS editor, and I've targeted everything I can find that I think would allow me to apply a border-top to the top of the page, but nothing has worked. I've tried !important for every attempt I've made, too. Does anyone know a way I can do this on my site without editing html (somet
  13. Sorry, couldn't think of a better title... but here is my latest issue. I am building a Sharepoint page for my team using HTML, and have created a wonderful looking site thus far. Problem is... when I switch to a larger screen everything 'widens' and then everything is out of sync. Is there a way to fix this? Make the page, 'sticky'? Here is my code: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <img src="/sites/FIJA/SiteAssets/SitePages/Test/Financing%20Landing%20Page.jpg" " width="920" height="120"> ********* <style> * { box-sizing: border-box;
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  15. Hmm.. This is interesting because on its own, the code for your top bar works fine. But when you put that code one after the other, the second set of styles override the first. Have you tried adding separate classes for each navigation and styling them?
  16. What happens if I use style.display=""; let's say on some rows <tr> of a table. What is the output if I'm not using defined Property values but instead leaving the space empty?
  17. You can't have multiple functions of the same name. You only need one, the parameters are filled on the click of button that calls the function using the colours and whatever else passed as arguments within the braces.
  18. Hi alle, habe eine Ampel mit 3 buttons gebaut. Jeder button soll onklick in der Farbe (rot/gelb/grΓΌn) leuchten. Wenn ein andere button geklickt wird, soll der Button davor ausgehen und der neue angehen usw. BItte um eure Hilfe! Danke! <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <style> .css-ampel { display: inline-block; width: 30px; height: 90px; border-radius: 6px; position: relative; background-color: black; } .buttonred { position:absolute; border-radius:15px; top:10px; width: 22px;
  19. Looking at the picture, my guess is that you should actually set it to "span 6" if you want each box to be half the width of the grid. If you are already using an ID selector in CSS on these elements, you will not be able to override it with a general selector like "body footer". ID selectors cannot be overridden except by other, more specific ID selectors.
  20. It's hard to guess what the problem could be without knowing that the HTML structure is. Do you have three footer elements or three elements wrapped by a footer?
  21. Can anyone help with why I cannot make the footers span 2 across the bottom? I tried 5 or 6 different ways to fix it & it stays like this. In the html, each footer has it's own ID but I should be able to span all three using a combinator right? body footer { grid-column: span 2; }
  22. Dreamweaver latest version is also good, I use it and happy with it.
  23. Hey Everyone! First off, thank you for this site - this is what I needed for my new job! I have a question where I need help. I am using HTML to build a Sharepoint page for my team. On the page I need 2 navbars, 1 on top of the other. The top nav bar will have 3 "buttons" and the bottom 4 "buttons". I have the following code, but here is the issue. I would like the top bar to fill the page, ie center above the 4, but it keeps sticking to the left! Thoughts? Ideas? Thanks! PS - Ignore the **** that's for me visually to know where a new item starts. &l
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  25. Preview images and text should only appear if the website has OpenGraph tags defined in the HTML
  26. We are using version 2021.1 of Intellij and we have migrated our project from Tomcat 8 to Tomcat 10. This results in replacing javax.servlet to jakarta.servlet packages in our code. We updated the version to 5.0 in web.xml file but it still seems to consider the old javax version. How can we resolve this error shown in the attached screenshot?
  27. Our website is promarketsearch.com which is hosted on a tomcat server and has SSL enabled, The SSL certificate was generated from ZeroSSL.com. The website is accessible over HTTPS and the certificate details are also valid when viewed in Chrome, but when we try to make requests from Postman with the setting "Enable SSL certificate verification" turned on, it shows us this error "unable to verify the first certificate." We don't want to turn off this setting and would prefer to resolve the issue that is causing this error.Assistance is greatly appreciated
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