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    That is not the flex-grow property, it is the flex-basis property.
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    Usually a decent editor would highlight something like this, it would give you the ability to collapse these containers to identify misplaced opening or closing tags. You can also use W3C html validator.
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    You might need to upgrade your version of Edge. The <details> tag is not supported in versions prior to 79.
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    Surprisingly, we get people putting their usernames as a topic title quite frequently. I don't know why.
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    All those new Javascript features are just syntactical sugar. Since they don't do anything particularly useful besides that, I generally don't use them since I prefer my websites to be accessible to the widest range of people. Now if Javascript introduced something useful like strict typing or passing primitive values by reference I'd be more in favor of pushing for new versions of Javascript.
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    Whether I agree with you or not, this isn't a place for politics, it's a place of learning and you should feel privileged that you are able to join a place such as this which offers FREE advice! I suspect your "blacklisting" of this redound website will have zero effect on its future. Goodbye!
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    And all of the w3schools ad space is google powered, which only shows you what you've been looking at before that. If you do not like an ad, you can always report it in the corner of said ad if it says "powered by Google"
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