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  1. You can add a <meta> robots tag to the page telling search engines not to index the page. <meta name="robots" content="noindex nofollow">
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  2. If you assign a jQuery result to a variable, you do not need the $() function to use it. This should work, though I haven't tested it so there might be a mistake somewhere. ( function( $ ) { var modal = $('#myModal'); var img = $('.myImg'); var modalImg = $('#img01'); var captionText = $("#caption"); img.click(function(){ modal.show(); modalImg.attr("src", $(this).attr("src")); captionText.html($(this).attr("alt")); }); var span = $(".close").first(); span.click(function(){ modal.hide(); }); } ( jQuery ) ); I do not see a
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  3. Usually positioning and z-index layer level problem. If you have nav sibling container and a content sibling container i.e nav above content container. The nav (with child menus) with position: relative/sticky etc with a higher z-index than below content sibling container of position: relative; (this is usually all that is required without the need for z-index being set). The nav and its child menu should show above the content sibling AND children elements within it.
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