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    You should call exit or die any time you're redirecting a user to prevent the code from executing any of the instructions that are further down. Nothing about the header() function tells the code to stop executing. header('Location: /Logon/Logon.php?From=Home'); exit;
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    Use flex box <!doctype html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <title>Document Title</title> <meta name="description" content=""> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0"> <meta name="author" content=""> <!--<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/styles.css?v=1.0"> --> <style> *{box-sizing: border-box;} .layout-wrap { display: flex; min-height: calc(1px + 40vw);} .layout-col1{ display: flex; flex: 1 1 100%; max-width: 40%;} .layout-col2{display: flex; flex: 1 1 100%; max-width: 60%; flex-wrap: wrap; justify-content: space-evenly; } .layout-col2 >div, .layout-col1 >div { margin: 10px; border: 3px solid #000;} .div1 {flex: 1 1 auto;} .div2 { flex: 1 1 auto; max-width: 40%; margin-right: 5px;} .div3 { flex: 1 1 auto; max-width: 60%; margin-left: 5px;} .div4 { flex: 1 1 100%; max-width: calc(100% - 20px);} </style> </head> <body> <!--<script src="js/scripts.js"></script> --> <div class="layout-wrap"> <div class="layout-col1"> <div class="div1"></div> </div> <div class="layout-col2"> <div class="div2"></div> <div class="div3"></div> <div class="div4"></div> </div> </div> </body> </html>
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    That's not a tutorial, it is a reference page. References provide technical details about a function for somebody who already knows how to use functions. The reference expects your code to have access to a getID3 object, which does not appear in the reference manual, so it probably is an external resource. If you just want to know when a file was modified, PHP has a built in function filemtime() which returns a UNIX timestamp. the date() function can turn the UNIX timestamp into a meaningful string.
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    If this object is wrapped in an <a> tag, use CSS to set the text-decoration of that link to "none".
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    Surprisingly, we get people putting their usernames as a topic title quite frequently. I don't know why.
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    Looking into this more When you want to delete all active classes they must be to current siblings() or parent() then move to sibling (.tabs) with next() to remove/add class $(this).siblings().removeClass("active"); $(this).parent().next().find("li").removeClass("active"); To add $(this).addClass("active"); $(this).parent().next().find("li").eq(tabNum).addClass("active");
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    The problem is the semi-colon at the end of your if() statement on line 13. Your syntax highlighter has been kind enough to underline it in green to indicate that you probably don't want it there.
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    All those new Javascript features are just syntactical sugar. Since they don't do anything particularly useful besides that, I generally don't use them since I prefer my websites to be accessible to the widest range of people. Now if Javascript introduced something useful like strict typing or passing primitive values by reference I'd be more in favor of pushing for new versions of Javascript.
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    As far as I can make out reading the post made, he wants the opposite.
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    </pre> <table> var child = myImgs.children; //alert(child.src); myImgs.insertBefore(child[0],child[child.length-1]); myImgs.removeChild(child.length-1); } </table> <p> </p><p
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    Only the content inside the loop is repeated. This is what the string looks like on each iteration of the loop: text = "<ul>"; "<ul>" text += "<li>" + fruits[i] + "</li>"; "<ul><li>Banana</li>" text += "<li>" + fruits[i] + "</li>"; "<ul><li>Banana</li><li>Orange</li>" text += "<li>" + fruits[i] + "</li>"; "<ul><li>Banana</li><li>Orange</li><li>Apple</li>" text += "<li>" + fruits[i] + "</li>"; "<ul><li>Banana</li><li>Orange</li><li>Apple</li><li>Mango</li>" text += "</ul>"; "<ul><li>Banana</li><li>Orange</li><li>Apple</li><li>Mango</li></ul>" Since the string "<ul>" is not being appended inside the loop, it is not being repeated.
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    If you have a Content Management System (CMS), you will have to find or create a plug-in for the CMS that does that. If you don't have a CMS and there's no system for dynamically creating pages on your site then the sitemap will have to be created manually. Without knowing more about your website's back end I can't give a clear answer.
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    5 even column, make first and and last size s1 the rest s2, give w3-row a minus margin left and right the size of column s1 and maybe any margin widths on columns. The first and last will be spacer columns, the minus left and right margins will make the spacer column extend beyond w3-row boundary, causing the 5 column fill the total width of w3-row.
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    Be aware that the recent version of Firefox is having some issues with some of the exercises. As an alternative, Chrome works just fine on this question.
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    This maybe unhelpful but it is one of the reasons why I make all my own icons. I don't want to have to rely on 3rd party code because it opens up vulnerabilities in your website.
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    If you want to send an email based on form submission, then you'll need to use a server-side programming language. Try the PHP tutorial, and proceed onto PHP Forms for Form Handling. Then check out the mail() function after that. You can take a look at other server side languages but PHP is my bias.
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    I can stick around for a while Roddy. Just grabbed lunch(Oh New Zealand time) so I'm quite clear for the next few hours.
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    Are you sure this isn't just your browser's auto-fill? Like this 'tooltip' only includes what you've previously written into similar fields?
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    I have come this far: http://w3webseiten.eu/ What is missing is the menu getting to (display:none), the moment the width gets medium or small. [edit] Of cause, mediaqueries . . . Now I will make the menu get over the content, then I am at the same point that the examples had I used before where the menu is positioned fixed. Putting the problem in words is a part of the solution! regards.
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    Hello @leela52452, dir attribute is used to set the direction of the text within an element in an HTML document. If you set it as an RTL then it will display HTML from right to left. It generally used when language is like Arabic etc. dir attribute is not a compulsory attribute so you can also skip this.
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    The grammar is correct, slid is the past tense of the verb slide.
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    $display= overwrites the prev output, you need to append to prev output with $display.=
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    Localstorage will do that. First you set a default value if localstorage does not currently store any value related to chosen font size, else load localstorage value and make the chosen font-size active on page load or refresh. Then set onclick event to make selected fontsize active then at same set localstorage to store currently selected font-size also.
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    Sprites have limitations. For one, the container must be the same size in pixels as the sprite you're representing, otherwise other sprites on the same image are visible. Another limitation is that sprites cannot be repeating since background-repeat repeats the whole image file and not just a part of it. In short, you can't style a flexible box using sprites. On the other hand, you can use the border-image property in CSS to split an image into parts and use them to style a box.
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    .team-members { width: 25%; display: inline-block; padding: 3.8em; vertical-align: top; /* add this */ }
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    Just so you know, the LIMIT keyword indicates the number of rows to output. In this case, it is including Row 0 (first row) up to (but not including) Row 25 (26th row). Its quite common for it to be added to SQL browsers such as phpmyadmin and others. Just so if you have 70k rows (like I work with) you don't kill your program trying to look at all of them.
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    filter_var() with the FILTER_VALIDATE_INT filter returns an integer, not true, so === true will always fail. By using The ! operator, they transform it into a boolean. This boolean, for any integer other than zero, is always false. This solution doesn't account for the integer zero which converts to true, but W3Schools also has a section talking about that. They could just use !!filter_var() or (bool)filter_var() and they wouldn't need the === false part. This would still not solve the integer zero problem, though.
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    Attention: Funce: This post is to acknowledge that you were correct with regard to the necessity of editing the hosts file, in order for the nginx-1.17.3 web server to serve up my web pages. It was necessary to create "www.mydomain.com; mydomain.com" pairs associated with my dynamically allocated ( i.e., using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol ( DHCP )) Internet Protocol ( IP ) address, for each web page. Last Friday, I was able to successfully configure the web server ( i.e., the "nginx.conf" file ), and all of my web pages are served up ( you can visit "theholybible1.ddnsfree.com" ) if you like. Thank you ( see Colossians 3:15, for example ) for your help. Keep in touch. 🙂 Sincerely in Christ, Russell E. Willis P.S. - Please read Proverbs 23:23.
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    Its always done that! Any floated element placed within a container element has no substance, so the container will collapse to height 0. Using property overflow reverses that condition for the container element.
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    It means that you can use "$0" as a variable in the console to reference the currently selected element.
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    I'm not sure how to do it with one pattern, I don't use lookahead or lookbehind very often. I would use multiple patterns, but there's probably a way to do it with one.
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    Use ^ at the start a character class to negate it. [^0-9] means any character other than a digit.
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    Would something like this work? (?=(.*\d){2,})(?=.*[A-Z])(?=.*[a-z]).{8,} Test data: aaBcde7fg - No Match (1 number) aaBcd67fg - Match 87aBcdfgf - Match 8aBcd7dfg - Match
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    I'd be more interested in throwing away the iframe idea (I'm quite biased against iframes) and going back to the include and finding out what was wrong with that. What happened with the w3 include, it obviously works in the example.
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    I guess I don't understand why you're not setting the value initially, I don't understand what the barrier to doing that is. How about just calling the reset function when the thing loads? That's what I'm talking about for the reset button doing the same thing as when it initially loads.
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    The general reason is that the variables are out of scope or undefined when the code runs. The specific reason depends on the specific code.
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    If you truly have that many followers on those websites and are the director of technology at your company, you should take caution before taking such rash actions because your reputation is on the line. A majority of the people are going to look at what you're saying and conclude that you are an unreasonable person as you're complaining about something that is completely outside of the control of W3Schools.
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    Your for needs a method="POST" attribute.
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    You can use a case expression: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/B19306_01/server.102/b14200/expressions004.htm SELECT CASE bool_field WHEN 0 THEN 'No' ELSE 'Yes' END ...
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    mysqli_stmt::bind_param binds each variable to a matching parameter. You cannot match all of them to one. It doesn't work like that. (Neither can you attempt to use a string like an array) What you can do however, is bind an array using variable length argument lists. Use ... to indicate an argument list as below. <?php $vals = [101, "ASUS H61M-E", "abcde", 2, 1, 5300.00, 6500.00, 11, 5300, 55528, 101]; $uq = $mysqli->prepare("UPDATE $tbl SET $cols WHERE $whcol='$whval'"); if (!$uq) { $msg = "Error1: $mysqli->error!"; } else { $uq->bind_param('issiiddiiii', ...$vals);
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    I just copied that code to a .html file on my computer and it seems to work correctly.
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    It looks like captcha_sa is already a global variable, so just set it with the new value.
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    Hey there vmars, your issue here is that getElementByID only ever gets one element. getElementsByClassName gets a collection of elements, so some things needs to be adjusted. You'll need to apply the DragElement function to all of the Elements in the collection. (For loop might work well) Your headers will no longer work as they use the passed element's id. You'll need to apply a "header" custom class, one that will exist on all the headers. You can then access this header element for dragging purposes by using the below code. function dragElement(elmnt) { var pos1 = 0, pos2 = 0, pos3 = 0, pos4 = 0; if (elmnt.getElementsByClassName("header")[0]) { /* if present, the header is where you move the DIV from:*/ elmnt.getElementsByClassName("header")[0].onmousedown = dragMouseDown; } else { /* otherwise, move the DIV from anywhere inside the DIV:*/ elmnt.onmousedown = dragMouseDown; } Try this and then go from there. Code block button is here if you've missed it. ev.target evaluates into the element that has been activated using the event (onmousedown, onmousemove etc). That will always evaluate to the .mydiv that was clicked. So rather than document.getElementById, you use ev.target inside this function.
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    Any database supports multi-user access, the database will let several different applications connect at once. I don't know what you mean, what are you saving? That's what a database is for. Have page to update the header text in the database, and the other pages should get the text from the database and display it.
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    Javascript running in a browser only has access to the current document. Trying to do anything else would be a series of hacks. You could put a bunch of hidden iframes or something on the page to point to different pages if they're on the same domain and try to access things through that. A much simpler and more useful solution would be to store your data in a database instead of in HTML files. Depending on what the purpose is, you can save the various values in localStorage or sessionStorage to access on other pages.
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    Probably the easiest and best solution is to install XAMPP or similar server software on your computer. It is very easy to install and there are many more uses for it than just making AJAX requests work. It is default in all browsers today to prevent AJAX requests from local HTML and Javascript files because it could be used by malicious entities to gather information about your computer. There probably is a way to configure the security settings for this but I'd have to search on Google to find out, which is probably something you already know how to do. For Firefox, you probably will find it by typing "about:config" in the address bar which lets you search through thousands of configuration options. I would advise against Javascript includes for a few reasons: Search engines will certainly rank your page lower. Users who have Javascript disabled or browser extensions that strip out Javascript can't see your page properly. The page takes longer to load than if the content were included on the page using a server-side language, this is especially noticeable when viewing the page on mobile connections. If you decide to install a server for testing, I'd also recommend learning a server-side language and using that to include the content instead. It's overall a better experience for the user, the search engines and, in the long term, the people building the website.
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    Recently I used a plugin to create a responsive gallery for a website. After some tweaking I got the gallery looking great but I'm having trouble getting the modal controls to cycle the images correctly. This issue has been plaguing me for a few weeks, I'm about to scrap the whole gallery and start from scratch if I can't get these darn buttons to work correctly:/ Really I'm thinking the issue is stemming from the multiple css files that the plugin needs to run the gallery. A link to the actual site: http://testing123.emcfintech.com/#myCarousel (Gallery at bottom of page.) I tried building another gallery based off w3schools responsive gallery and it was looking great on my wamp server but as soon as I brought it into this website the 3rd row of the gallery skips an image and throws off the design. So I reinserted the plugin gallery. My question is should I try to fix the current gallery's controls or burn it down, remove the plugin's css and js and try to build the gallery from scratch? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you so much. <div class="mbr-gallery-row container" style="position: relative; height: 642px;"> <div class=" mbr-gallery-layout-default"> <div> <div> <div class="mbr-gallery-item mbr-gallery-item__mobirise3 mbr-gallery-item--p0" data-tags="Awesome" data-video-url="false" style="position: absolute; left: 0%; top: 0px;"> <div href="#lb-gallery2-7" data-slide-to="0" data-toggle="modal"> <img alt="" src="/Images/Bump Die 001(600x450).jpg"> <span class="icon-focus"></span> <span class="mbr-gallery-title">Bump Die</span> </div> </div><div class="mbr-gallery-item mbr-gallery-item__mobirise3 mbr-gallery-item--p0" data-tags="Responsive" data-video-url="false" style="position: absolute; left: 25%; top: 0px;"> <div href="#lb-gallery2-7" data-slide-to="1" data-toggle="modal"> <img alt="" src="/Images/COMPACT FORM ROLL (600x450).jpg"> <span class="icon-focus"></span> <span class="mbr-gallery-title">Compact Form Roll</span> </div> </div><div class="mbr-gallery-item mbr-gallery-item__mobirise3 mbr-gallery-item--p0" data-tags="Creative" data-video-url="false" style="position: absolute; left: 50%; top: 0px;"> <div href="#lb-gallery2-7" data-slide-to="2" data-toggle="modal"> <img alt="" src="/Images/Compact Roll Die and Starblade Module in Headstand(600x450).jpg"> <span class="icon-focus"></span> <span class="mbr-gallery-title">Compact Roll Die and Starblade Module in Headstand</span> </div> </div><div class="mbr-gallery-item mbr-gallery-item__mobirise3 mbr-gallery-item--p0" data-tags="Animated" data-video-url="false" style="position: absolute; left: 75%; top: 0px;"> <div href="#lb-gallery2-7" data-slide-to="3" data-toggle="modal"> <img alt="" src="/Images/Compact Roll Die and Starblade Unit in Headstand(600x450).jpg"> <span class="icon-focus"></span> <span class="mbr-gallery-title">Compact Roll Die and Starblade Unit in Headstand</span> </div> </div><div class="mbr-gallery-item mbr-gallery-item__mobirise3 mbr-gallery-item--p0" data-tags="Awesome" data-video-url="false" style="position: absolute; left: 0%; top: 214px;"> <div href="#lb-gallery2-7" data-slide-to="4" data-toggle="modal"> <img alt="" src="/Images/Finished Fin Mill Machine and Uncoiler(600x450).jpg"> <span class="icon-focus"></span> <span class="mbr-gallery-title">Finished Fin Mill Machine and Uncoiler</span> </div> </div><div class="mbr-gallery-item mbr-gallery-item__mobirise3 mbr-gallery-item--p0" data-tags="Beautiful" data-video-url="false" style="position: absolute; left: 25%; top: 214px;"> <div href="#lb-gallery2-7" data-slide-to="5" data-toggle="modal"> <img alt="" src="/Images/Five - Copper Fin Samples(600x450).jpg"> <span class="icon-focus"></span> <span class="mbr-gallery-title">Copper Fin Samples</span> </div> </div><div class="mbr-gallery-item mbr-gallery-item__mobirise3 mbr-gallery-item--p0" data-tags="Responsive" data-video-url="false" style="position: absolute; left: 50%; top: 214px;"> <div href="#lb-gallery2-7" data-slide-to="6" data-toggle="modal"> <img alt="" src="/Images/Louvered Die(600x450).jpg"> <span class="icon-focus"></span> <span class="mbr-gallery-title">Louvered Dies</span> </div> </div><div class="mbr-gallery-item mbr-gallery-item__mobirise3 mbr-gallery-item--p0" data-tags="Animated" data-video-url="false" style="position: absolute; left: 75%; top: 214px;"> <div href="#lb-gallery2-7" data-slide-to="7" data-toggle="modal"> <img alt="" src="/Images/Louvered Roll Die in Headstand(600x450).jpg"> <span class="icon-focus"></span> <span class="mbr-gallery-title">Louvered Roll Die in Headstand</span> </div> </div><div class="mbr-gallery-item mbr-gallery-item__mobirise3 mbr-gallery-item--p0" data-tags="Awesome" data-video-url="false" style="position: absolute; left: 0%; top: 428px;"> <div href="#lb-gallery2-7" data-slide-to="8" data-toggle="modal"> <img alt="" src="/Images/Louvered Roll Dies(600x450).jpg"> <span class="icon-focus"></span> <span class="mbr-gallery-title">Louvered Roll Dies</span> </div> </div><div class="mbr-gallery-item mbr-gallery-item__mobirise3 mbr-gallery-item--p0" data-tags="Awesome" data-video-url="false" style="position: absolute; left: 25%; top: 428px;"> <div href="#lb-gallery2-7" data-slide-to="9" data-toggle="modal"> <img alt="" src="/Images/Oil Cooler Roll Die (600x450).jpg"> <span class="icon-focus"></span> <span class="mbr-gallery-title">Oil Coller Roll Die</span> </div> </div><div class="mbr-gallery-item mbr-gallery-item__mobirise3 mbr-gallery-item--p0" data-tags="Awesome" data-video-url="false" style="position: absolute; left: 50%; top: 428px;"> <div href="#lb-gallery2-7" data-slide-to="10" data-toggle="modal"> <img alt="" src="/Images/Starblade Unit(600x450).jpg"> <span class="icon-focus"></span> <span class="mbr-gallery-title">Starblade Unit</span> </div> </div><div class="mbr-gallery-item mbr-gallery-item__mobirise3 mbr-gallery-item--p0" data-tags="Awesome" data-video-url="false" style="position: absolute; left: 75%; top: 428px;"> <div href="#lb-gallery2-7" data-slide-to="11" data-toggle="modal"> <img alt="" src="/Images/Tube Mill Cassette(600x450).jpg"> <span class="icon-focus"></span> <span class="mbr-gallery-title">Tube Mill Cassette<br></span> </div> </div> </div> </div> <div class="clearfix"></div> </div> </div> <!-- Lightbox --> <div data-app-prevent-settings="" class="mbr-slider modal fade carousel slide" tabindex="-1" data-keyboard="true" data-interval="false" id="lb-gallery2-7"> <div class="modal-dialog" style="width: 1037px; top: 10px;"> <div class="modal-content"> <div class="modal-body"> <div id="myCarousel" class="carousel slide" data-ride="carousel"> <div class="carousel-item"> <img alt="" src="/Images/bump-die-001600x450-2000x1500.jpg"> </div><div class="carousel-item"> <img alt="" src="/Images/compact-form-roll-600x450-2000x1500.jpg"> </div><div class="carousel-item"> <img alt="" src="/Images/compact-roll-die-and-starblade-module-in-headstand600x450-2000x1500.jpg"> </div><div class="carousel-item"> <img alt="" src="/Images/compact-roll-die-and-starblade-unit-in-headstand600x450-2000x1500.jpg"> </div><div class="carousel-item"> <img alt="" src="/Images/finished-fin-mill-machine-and-uncoiler600x450-2000x1500.jpg"> </div><div class="carousel-item"> <img alt="" src="/Images/five-copper-fin-samples600x450-2000x1500.jpg"> </div><div class="carousel-item"> <img alt="" src="/Images/louvered-die600x450-2000x1500.jpg"> </div><div class="carousel-item"> <img alt="" src="/Images/louvered-roll-die-in-headstand600x450-2000x1500.jpg"> </div><div class="carousel-item"> <img alt="" src="/Images/louvered-roll-dies600x450-2000x1500.jpg"> </div><div class="carousel-item"> <img alt="" src="/Images/oil-cooler-roll-die-600x450-2000x1500.jpg"> </div><div class="carousel-item"> <img alt="" src="/Images/starblade-unit600x450-2000x1500.jpg"> </div><div class="carousel-item active"> <img alt="" src="/Images/tube-mill-cassette600x450-2000x1500.jpg"> </div> <!-- Left and right controls --> <a class="left carousel-control" href="#myCarousel" role="button" data-slide="prev"> <span class="icon-prev" aria-hidden="true"></span> <span class="sr-only">Previous</span> </a> <a class="right carousel-control" href="#myCarousel" role="button" data-slide="next"> <span class="icon-next" aria-hidden="true"></span> <span class="sr-only">Next</span> </a> <a class="close" href="#myCarousel" role="button" data-dismiss="modal"> <span aria-hidden="true">×</span> <span class="sr-only">Close</span> </a> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </section>
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    LOL :)At that age, you're untouchable...
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