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  1. I'm interested in using a template engine for my current project. There's only 1 thing I want it to do, and that's let me keep the main structural HTML to one file, rather than having it in others. I don't want to be able to have special loops and all that stuff, just the HTML, and have the content changed depening on the page.There's a few different folders which will have the PHP files (just content and PHP code) in them. I'm going to use the $_GET array for the URL set up. Here's what I have as an idea: To explain (index.php is the main file). The red part is the first $_GET array, and th
  2. It definately is, as long as the user has JavaScript enabled on their browser. If not, you can show a nice message using the <noscript> tags, just saying that to use your website to it's full potential they will need to enable JS, or something similar to that. You should take a quick look at The Leaky Cauldron.org. They load all of their content using AJAX.
  3. I'm currently working on a contact form for a client's website. It's just a basic form with name, e-mail address, and message. The data is then supposed to be sent to the client's specified e-mail address. I've got two problems. Here is my code: <?phpif ($_GET['page'] == 'contact') {if ($_GET['contact'] == 'send') {if(empty($_POST['name']) || empty($_POST['email']) || empty($_POST['message'])) {echo '<h1>Please make sure you fill in all of the form fields.</h1>';} else {$name = strip_tags($_POST['name']);$email = strip_tags($_POST['email']);$message = strip_tags($_POST['message
  4. That sounds pretty awesome. Makes me want to learn ColdFusion, I've heard it's a great language to work with.
  5. Kevin M

    Generating a Salt

    I've heard it's a good idea to salt your encryptions that you get using md5 or sha1. I understand how to salt the encryption fine, that's not my question. This is my question:Should I just pick some random combination of numbers for my salt? I realize it would have to be the same on all pages and in the database, but I mean choosing a salt. Or would it be a good idea to sha1 or md5 a random phrase? I know that it's hard to get passed the php ecryption functions, but I want to have some uber security on my application.Thanks,Kevin
  6. For loops are my enemy, in any language. I just can't remember the correct syntax.Most of the functions are basically useless in most cases, so it's not like you need to know every single one. I have a PHP Phrasebook that I look in when I want to find a function, but I don't remember most of them.Doctypes are impossible for me too. I just have XHTML, XHTML strict, XML etc. .txt files saved on my computer, and I open them when I need the doctype, and then save it with a different name.Once you use a function more often (like mysql_real_escape_string() ) you should get more used to it, and reme
  7. Kevin M

    Get file.

    The only way to get the code would be to ask the person running the site. Since all PHP is executed on the server side, and then displayed as HTML, there's no way to download the actual files.
  8. You're going to need a Server Side language to do this (PHP,ASP,ASP.NET,ColdFusion,Python,Ruby on Rails, etc). Find out which one your hosting allows, and then someone should be able to direct you.
  9. Ok, thanks I appreciate it.
  10. Quick Session Question.Say on a page, I have this code: if (!isset($_SESSION['user'])) {header('location: index.php');exit;} Will I need to have the session_start() function at the top of the page, even if I'm not echo'ing out or creating/modifying any session data? Or is the session_start() function needed on every page where you use sessions at all?Thanks,Kevin
  11. That was sort of a useless post... Can you post your code, and a link to the page or a screen shot of what's happening? With that we should be able to determine what's causing the problem.
  12. I'm with you. Finding some good colours is the thing I'm worst at doing. Sites like those listed are great, but I still have trouble. Choosing a font is fine for me, but colour schemes are my enemy. A good font is important though, make sure that it's easy to read on screen. sans-serif fonts (Arial, Veranda) work quite well on screen. I also like Tahoma.For headings, I normally use Georgia or Times (New Roman). Since the text is big in most cases, they still stand out. I read a good article about text a little while ago, I'll see if I can find it for you.
  13. Just wrap the <span> tag with <li> tags, like this: <li><span>Text in Span</span></li> If you don't want the number to appear, I don't know how to do that, but this should work fine to get the <span> inside of the <ol>.
  14. Kevin M

    C and C++

    It wasn't something that I was planning on releasing and trying to get people to use. I just meant something that I could learn with and possibly develop it for personal use. I figure that it could be something that I could start out with and make it very basic. Then from there keep upgrading it until it's pretty advanced. So make it better as I become better in what language I choose to make it with. So start out with something basic and like a folder, and then as it gets better make it more graphically nice (more appealing in terms of the graphics side) and add some new features as well.Tota
  15. Kevin M

    C and C++

    Thanks, that was a great explanation. According to my computer I already have the .NET 1.1 framework installed, but I'd get 2 or 3 if I were to look into C#. I'm not really sure what I'd be doing with them. I don't have plans to write the next greatest computer program or video game. I thought of a cool idea... it's sort of long to explain, so feel free to skip the next paragraph. :)I'm thinking, that I add an icon to my desktop. When I open that icon, this cool graphically sort of window opens up. In there I can have links (or whatever they should be called) to some of my more used programs (
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