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  1. Having said what I said, I have validated your site and the results were xhtml strict 1.0 - errors 54, warnings 10css 2.1 - errors 103 Sort them out and come back to me. CheersSteve
  2. What can we say.....its gorgeous. It's a shame we can't all produce websites of such brilliance first time out. Very well done mate. I wouldn't worry about CSS pal when you are using a third party commerce framework. CheersSteve Ps. I would avoid publishing what seem like full commerce strength websites here for us to pull apart.
  3. if you have changed your site then it looks even worse than it did before, the Home Page is a complete mess...sorry to be the bringer of bad news but you are not a skilled web designer...well at least not yet. Take my advice, I have a first class BSc degree in computing from a reputable British university (also final year prize winner for best student and project), and design your site on paper first. Then ask a few friends for constructive criticism. Otherwise it will just evolve into an irredeemible mess. Unlike DDs1, follow the edicts of the W3C @ http://www.w3.org/ and you will not go wron
  4. Alright smarty pants....try reorganizing a web page layout set out in tables versus doing the same with a page set up using divs and css. Then multiply that by 100 for your average sized web site. No contest....css and divs wins hands down every time mate. I am not going to argue with you any more about this because you are wrong. The W3C recommended the use of divs and floats over tables for layout 10 years ago for their own home page...http://www.w3.org/2002/11/homepage Read section 11.1 'Introduction to tables' here...http://www.w3.org/TR/html401/struct/tables.html#h-11.1....to set yourself
  5. Semantically, using tables for layout is not correct. Tables should only be used for tabular data. The use of tables for layout is outmoded and should not be used for such and advising someone else to do so is counterproductive. Learning layout the correct way, via <div> tags and CSS floating, from the start is the correct way for beginners. Walk before you can run! HTHSteve
  6. Are you sure you really want to advise someone to actually layout their website using tables? Have you been hiding in a cave for the last xx years or so? you have to USE FLOATS eh? atbSteve
  7. your styling is, IMHO, awful. The colour contrasts are dreadful and the layout is amateurish. It is hard to tell what your knowledge of CSS is when I try to delve into the CSS files. Are these your own work or pinched from someone else? The content is unimportant to me, yet kinda wacky!! Sorry I cannot be of more assistance.
  8. He did, if you bothered to look on his home page and the only other page with content "about ORMT". He states what (O)RMT stands for 3 or 4 times. But I agree with you and everone else in that the colour scheme is about as washed out as you could get. Darkxpunk:- Design something on paper first and take it from there.
  9. Show us the js file 'iphone.js' please.
  10. Not sure but...... The basic answer to your question is that if a particular font is absolutely necessary then a text replacement technique my be warranted. If not then don't use exact measurements. IMHO the days of pixel counting in mainstream websites is over. Use either percentages or EM's Hope this helps
  11. reg1965

    %; not pxs?

    Eddie baby..relax. Pixels are specific. The higher the resolution the smaller the pixel. % and em's are relative, maybe to parent containers. Must be careful using these. But they scale better for the user. You'll have to read about the specificity of scaling units on the internet or ask a more specific question here somewhere. Read this; http://www.impressivewebs.com/width-100-percent-css/ Hope that helps.
  12. But that's illogical, Captain. Everthing must come from somewhere; like chickens and their eggs....
  13. Just adding my 2d worth. I don't like the way that the content is served from the navigation...to me it just looks very bad seeing the pages scroll past when one goes from one page to another. This interface has a very limited scope. It gets worse the more pages you have. What if you had 1000 pages? Would we have to see hundreds of pages whizz past before getting to the one we wanted? When your site first loads and you hit the home button the home page moves up a little. I validated it. At HTML5 it has 16 errors and 2 warnings...always validate, it will save you much heartache later. I am sure
  14. Hi Chris.You will have to correct the 119 errors and 1 warning thrown up by the W3C vaildation service http://validator.w3.org/ Permantly switch over to the XHTML1.0 strict DTD. It will make you a better marker upperer...is that a word? Hope that helpsSteve
  15. HiyaI had noticed that when I did a quick run through of what was in the forum before I posted one of my sites up for scrutiny.Steve EduardI would aim to finish your site before posting it here.I would also ask questions in other threads aimed at that aspect of your site that you need some help with. Posting that effort of yours here justisn't going to get you very far I'm afraid. I know we all have to start somewhere...but for you mate this thread isn't the right place.Steve
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